Chapter Eleven : Alive Road Kill

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Dalia kept running further into the woods, until we saw a stream. We stopped by it to rest. She sat down and watched the river. What I always loved about Dalia is how much we were alike. This is something I would do in my human form. Some werewolves didn't get along with the wolf side of themselves. But me and Dalia were too much alike. I loved my wolf. She was strong, brave, dominant, and she was beautiful. The heat had stopped for a moment, since we had gotten some pleasure from Ten earlier.  

We watched the river for what seemed like ten minutes until Dalia heard some twigs snap. She admittedly stood up in a guarding stance and watched the trees that were surrounding the river. She growled telling the other wolf that was there to show themselves. Which they did. 

A huge black wolf came into me and Dalia's view. It was huge. Probably the biggest wolf both em and Dalia had ever seen. As it stalked closer, I noticed Dalia becoming weaker. The wolf moved closer. It seemed to captivate Dalia. 

Dalia!  I screamed for her to wake up. We would never appear weak. Not now. Not ever. 

She shook her head and started to get in a pouncing position. She glowed louder this time. Not as a warning but as a promise. The black wolf stopped and sat down right in front of her. His hind legs keeping his muscular body up. 

It's Shadow.



How did he find us? 

Dalia watched him. And then she started to walk around him, in circles. This went on for a couple more minutes until Shadow got tired of it and pounced on Dalia. Shadow held her down by force. Both front paws beside her head. Dalia looked up and glared at him. 

"Get off of me." She growled. 

"Make me." He growled back. 

Dalia bit his leg. Shadow stumbled a bit but it didn't seem to phase him at all. He stepped back a little. Dalia got back into a fighting stance. "What do you want?" 

"You need to come back to the pack house."

"And why should I?" 

"Do you not remember?" He asked. 

"Remember what?"

"The night of the party." He moved closer this time.

Dalia let her guard down. "Barely. I mean a little. Why?"

"Ten and me marked you that night. I gave you a seasonal mark, while Ten gave you a mate mark. For all we know this has never happened before. Something could go wrong. Your heat will be a million times stronger then a she-wolf with one mark. You have two, so the desire to mate us will be a lot stronger then ever before."

"I can handle myself, thanks." Dalia began trudging off. 

"STOP!" He used his alpha tone.

Dalia turned around to face him. "Don't use your alpha tone on me. EVER! Do you understand?" Dalia said it more as a statement and less as a question. She turned to start walking back. 

Shadow watched her from behind. "You know that's the direction back to the pack house, right?"

"Yes. I know. Let's go before I change my mind."

Shadow trudged happily behind Dalia, smiling in victory. 

I smirked. "Last one there's road kill!" I screamed as I ran off back towards the house. 

"Oh, your on." He ran after me. 

Maybe the Blood Wall pack won't be as bad as they seem. 

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