Chapter 3- Oatmeal Orgasm

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After a steamy, relentless night in the hot tub that was cut short by Kennedy's "sharting incident" , the girls headed back to the hotel room for a good nights sleep. Tatiana awoke quite early in the morning and her tummy was grumbly for them salty snacks.

"Motha fuckin pretzels," she moaned in a lusty voice.


She walked down the dimly lit hallway thinking about the INSANE BULge in Harry's swimming shorts the previous night and stopped at the vending machine to get her mothafuckin pretzels. As she slipped the the dollar bill into the vending machine slot, she daydreamed about Harry slipping his large bundle of manliness into her buhhhole. She pressed B12 with ecstasy. As she bent over the grab the pretzels, a dark bag was thrown over her head. She hoped Harry had dark, kinky tools like this one. She struggled to escape, but could not shake free of the big meaty claws.


T wakey nakey. Her wrists and ankles were bound so tight she could hardly move. She was still unable to see because of the mask covering her eyes, but the overwhelming stench of something sweet and sickly was so strong she almost passed out again.

All of a sudden a warm, chunky liquid caressed her naval cavity. Almost instantly, a pair of lips were there to slurp off the substance.

"Harry, is that you?" Tatiana said hopefully

"No," said a feminine voice that was eerily familiar, but it was something Tatiana just couldn't put her finger on. "Keep quiet or ill end you sooner then I planned."

Frantic thoughts filled Tatiana's mind... "Who's going to clear my phones browsing history?!?!?!?!" She heard footsteps fade from the room and began to panic so hard she passed out again... Weak ass bitch.


Quick tiny footsteps echoed across the large room as Tatiana regained consciousness. She was unblindfolded and able to see a familiar gay face, Sisi Jablonski.

"Oh, thank god you're here! You're going to rescue me!" Tatiana exclaimed.

Sisis voice deepened 14 octaves, "That's what you think," she touched the tips of her pruney, lesbian fingers together and cackled evilly.

Tatiana finally realized that the tongue that slurped unidentified liquids off her stomach was Sisi, and now she was her lesbian prisoner.

"Once your friends realize you're gone, Kennedy will come to rescue you. And then I'll have my soft lesbian lover back in my lesbian arms."

"Ha! Your plan will never work! They'll never find me in here." Tatiana said triumphantly

"Jokes on you, ya dumb straight girl. I strategically left my Clitoris Storis receipt by the vending machine. Kennedy will recognize it and come running straight here" Sisi said


Kennedy and Natalie awoke to an empty bed.

"where's Tatiana??????????????????????????????????????????"???????" !¿" Natalie questioned.

Kennedy thought for a moment and then said "We'll she usually gets pretzels in the morning so let's go check the vending machine down the hall".

The girls made their way down the hall only to find the empty machine.

Even though no one was there, they knew something was off. Lipstick and face prints cluttered the glass, and a stray piece of paper was left on the floor.

Kennedy picked it up and read out loud "Clitoris storis?! That's Sisi favorite store.......... And she was buying a 13 inch strap on, that used to be our favorite thing." A lone tear shed down her lesbian face.

"That's weird. Maybe Tatiana met up with Sisi and turned lesbians." Natalie said "let's go check Sisis house."

Kennedy was flustered "You don't really think Tatiana would do that to me, right?... Let's go bust those bitches."


They hoped in the car, until they heard a distant voice yell "Get out me car!"

Within seconds Harry Zayn and Niall were all surrounding the car.

"where r u goin" Niall said, already opening the door and climbing in "Last night was so amazing btw."

"We're going to bust Tatiana for turning into a lesbian for Kennedy's ex." Natalie explained.

"Now now that's bloody mad, Tatiana is as straight as me dick during porking time." Harry said confused.

"Don't be so sure about that..." The girls said.

The boys agreed to help the lesbian bust, so the five made their way to Sisi's house.


Oats dripped slowly over Titiana's buxom breastsesess. "Sisi! Stop pouring oatmeal on me! I know it turns you on but it's not me you want to do your strange lesbian activities with! It's Kennedy!" A lone tear streaked down Tatiana's face as she gave up hope of rescue.

"But if Kennedy doesn't show up to rescue you, at least I'll have your sweet peedily-weep to satiate my lesbian urges. Lesbian. Im a lesbian." Sisi said as she dripped more hot oats onto Tatiana's chest.

Outside, the five teenagers sat with binoculars, watching the whole oatmeal catastrophe take place. Kennedy was shaking with jealousy and moaning a little bit... Which was making everyone else in the group pretty uncomfortable.

Harry stood up, "No one, especially some kinky lesbian, is going to eat oatmeal off Tatiana!! I'm going in there to save her! If things get too wanky in there, you guys back me up." He growled and stalked off.

As he stalked towards the door he reached down the front of his pants and pulled out his gun... Nt like his sperm gun, but like a real glock. But his sperm gun was cocked and ready because of all the dirty thoughts he was having about licking oatmeal off Tatiana's heaving chest lumpies. But anyway, he kicked down the door in a real badass fashion and right away saw Sisi leaning over his woman.

"You're not Kennedy! Where's my Kennedy?!?" Sisi said, horrified.

Harry held up his gun, "Die lesbian bitch witch!!!!!!" He pulled the trigger and Sisi screamed as the side of her face exploded. She collapsed on the ground without a sound, dying instantly,

Harry brought the muzzle of the gun up to his lips, locked eyes with Tatiana and blew the smoke away. His attention shifted the steaming bowl of oatmeal laying next to Kennedy, and his mASive erection got even massiver. He unzipped his doodily doo and swaggered toward Tatiana.

"Uhhhhh, shouldn't we do something about this body?" Tatiana asked, still shaken up from the violence.

"No baby, I'm gonna fuck you right over this corpse. Nothing can stop Harry styles when there's sexual oatmeal in the room... Quakers makes me quiver..." He said. They fucked.

"We better get out of here before the cops come," Harry said when the deed was done. He unstrapped Tatiana and they ran out to the car, where their 4 friends were waiting and drove off back to the hotel.

*********AUTHORS NOTE**********

Hey guys so I'm feeling great after the car accident I think this chapter was super good and really steamy haha I hope you liked it a lot and hopefully I'll be putting more up soon peace love one direction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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