Meet and greet

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(They both walk to footlocker to find the boys signing autographs and posters for there fans until someone walks up to Ashlyn and put there hand over her eyes)

???:guess who


???:*uncovers they hands

Ashlyn:*turns around * oh my god hey ray I missed you so muchhh *hugging him

Ray:I missed you to *hugs her really tight

Ashlyn: um ray I can't breathe

Ray: oh my bad 😂😂

Ashlyn: yeah your bad but anyways

Ray: I can't believe its really you we haven't seen eachother in a while

Ashlyn: Ikr

Ray: (an in awkward voice) so when can we maybe spend some time with eachother you know as friends

Ashlyn: idk we coming to yo concert this Saturday so maybe then I guess idk

Ray: aw really this is bout to be fun bru

Ashlyn: I know I'm so excited its finna be crazy

Ray:I know I can't wait

(Meanwhile with Kiya)

*kiya runs and jumps on rocs back in a friendly way

Roc: oh my god hey Kiya I missed you so much

Kiya:*jumps down so he can hug her

Kiya:I missed you to how are you

Roc: I'm good we have so to catch up on

Rocs pov: oh my god I could have just kissed her I have the biggest feelings for her it's crazy (end of pov)

Kiya: yes we do

*random fan come over*

Fan: roc can I take a picture with you

Roc: looking a lil mad * yeah come on

Fan: thank you

(Roc ignores the thankyou being ignorite and walks back to Kiya)

Roc: so when can we hangout

Kiya: damn nigga you thirsty 😂😂

Roc: *blushing I'm not tho

Kiya:mhm whatever and ion know cause my mom just flew in today so we have to unpack for our new house

Roc: oh damn

Kiya: yup but ima ask ash to see if she knows what's going on cause my mom just texted me

Roc:okay *while staring at Kiya ass when she walks away 😏

(Back with ray & Ashlyn )

Ray: so what y'all doing today

Ashlyn: nothing cause Idk were nothing is 😂😂

Ray: wow ash they have a chipotle up there at the food court and a bunch of other restaurants

Ashlyn: then we might go to chipotle cause I'm starving

*kiya walks over*

Ashlyn: wassup

Kiya: nothing my mom just texted me and said Be on the way to yo house cause she here

Ashlyn: oh okay can we grab some food first

Kiya: yeah come on

Ashlyn: oh okay bye ray *hugs him and says text me later

Ray: ok I will bye *smirking at her ass he remembered he forgot to compliment her on her shorts *

(Kiya & ash walk up and orders there food)


*puts there money together

Kiya&ash: thank you

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