David Pov 

I couldnt belive this.I screamed and threw everything that was around me away from me.Will came and and gabe held me up against the wall."Dude you need to calm down,getting upset isnt gonna help this"He said to my face."HOW CAN YOU TELL ME TO CALM DOWN,THAT FUCKING BASTERED TOOK COLE,IM GONNA KILL HIM"I yelled.But the bad part is that i didnt know where they were at all.Dalton could do whatever he wanted with cole and i couldnt help him.I want him safe but he isnt right now.I broke down crying.I dont know what to do,i cant save him.This couldnt be happening.I pushed gabe off me and ran out of the house.I couldnt take this,i need to find him and make sure he was ok. 

Cole pov

I walked out to the living room and sat on the couch.I wasnt allowed to go outside or anything.Dalton took my phone for good now so now i have nothing except for my thoughs.I was thinking when Dalton came out."Hey love"HE smiled."Dont call me that,i will never be your love"I said looking at him."Hmm the last time i check you were and i have proff right here"He said as he walked over and pointed to the hickey that was on my neck."Ya you did that your self you sick baster"I yelled at him.The next thing i knew i had a hand print on my cheek."Dont talk back love,i dont like hitting you"HE smirked and walked ot the kitchen.I sighed and looked out the window.I miss david so much and i hate Dalton.I want to go home,i dont want to be here anymore. 

I was thinking when Dalton walked back in with drinks."Here love" He said as he handed me one."Thanks"I fake smiled and took it and drank it.It was strong but good so i kept drinking it.Dalton sat next to me and sipped his."So cole"he said looking at me."Ya"I said looking at him."Did you hate that i left the band"He asked."Ya i was broken that you left because i loved you and i didnt want you to leave"I said looking at him.It was the truth,i was in love with dalton before he left.I fell into depression and everything because we stoped talking and i gave up and moved on."But why didnt you tell me you loved me"He asked.I looked down."I though you didnt like me back"I said."Really,you didnt see how i acted around you"He said.I looked up into his eyes,they were the same ones i used to love to see everyday and would fall in love over again everyday."Not really"I said."Well i always did,will knew i liked you,i told him anything"He said looking at me."funny i told will that i liked you to"I laughed a little.After talking for a while we decided to watch a movie like old times.I miss this about us,it feels like nothing happen between us.But i need to remeber what he has done to me. 

Dalton pov 

After the movie i looked down and saw that cole was asleep.I smiled and carried him to our room.I kissed his lips then walked to my office.I need to stop being nice to him.I got on my computer and pulled up will on my computer.I smirked and started to type away. 

Dal: Im taking good care of Cole,so need to worry but tell david i gave cole a little suprise ;) 

Wll: good you havent hurt him and what do you mean suprise...Dalton you didnt do what i think you did 

dal: oh but i did,i marked him so good :D 

will: Its david you sick bastered when i find you im gonna kill you 

dal: oh David watch what you say,i can do so much to cole 

will: if you touch him again im gonna kill you even more

dal:aw im sorry but ive touched him so much but i can do worst 

will: your sick dalton when i find you,your gonna be done 

dal: aw i would love to chat but i have to go back to little coley before he gets lonely lying in bed 


I smirked and walk back to the room and saw cole slowly waking up."Hey love"I smirked leaning against the door fram."Stop calling me that"He said sitting up."Oh coley you better watdch out how you talk to me"I smirked."Your horrible"He sadi."OH and just to let you know i gave david a little text"I smirked."YOU WHAT!"He yelled."Yup,i told him i gave you a suprise and that you were ok"I smirked."WHAT THE FUCK DALTON"He stood up and looked at me.I ran up to him and slammed him against the wall."HAVENT YOU LEARNED COLE,YOUR MINE NOW"i smirked and kissed him.HE pushed me away."Dong fucking kiss me dalton"He yelled."Cole you just made the wrong chocie"I said and ran up to him. 

Cole pov 

I woke up and i was tied to a chair.I looked around but i was in a room that i havent seen.I heard foot steps and saw dalton standing ther."What are you doing dalton"I said looking at him."Oh sweet cole you talk to much"He said as he put tape on my mouth."Now why font we face time sweet David"He smirked and pulled out my phone.I heard the ringing of face time till i saw Davids fave on a big screen in front of me."DALTON WHERE IS COLE"He yelled."Oh sweet david he is right here"HE said moving to the side.I saw Davids face light up in horror."COLE"HE yelled."look at what he has done to you"HE said getting pissed.I tried to talk but the tape."Cole stop talking,he cant hear you"Dalton said looking at me."DALTON DONT TALKT TO HIM LIKE THAT,COLE IM GONNA FIND YOU"David yelled."David give it up you arent going to find us and coley here is mine"Dalton smirked."NO he is not"David yelled back."OH but that where you are mistaken,see ive marked cole"HE smirked and showed david my neck."YOU SICK BASTERED,HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO COLE"he yelled."Aw david your just mad i did something you couldnt"Dalton smirked."DALTON WHEN IFIND YOU IM GONNA KILL YOU,YOU SICK FUCKING BASTERED"David yelled."Aw well sorry to say David but we mush go"Dalton smirked."WHAT NO,COLE IM GONNA FIND YOU AND SAVE YOU I PROMISE I LOVE YOU"David yelled before the screen went black. 

David pov 

I slamed my phone down.HE was playing with me...But then i remeber something,I cant track cole's phone.I smiled and called up my freind that does all the tracking."Im coming cole,im gonna rescuse you"I said to my self. 

Will David find cole? find out in the next chapter :D

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