Chapter 18

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West got Stephanie pregnant since some people were asking who got her pregnant :-)

* the next day *

Stephanie's POV

I was watching everybody practising the regionals routine and Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

I think my waters have broken.

Emily! I shout she runs over to me and tell her my waters have broken.

she picks me up and runs to the car as West and Kate follow us.

in the car behind us is Gizelle, Daniel and Hunter

I take deep breaths as we are coming up to the hospital and Emily rushes me into Accident and Emergency. we were told to go to ward 9.

Emily's POV

OMG!  I am nervous but excited at the same time!

West's POV

I am so nervous! is she ok?

Emily : West stop worrying. She will be fine.

Gizelle : Stop! Please can you tell us how Stephanie is.

The doctor : she is fine just in a bit of pain.

Daniel : when will she have it?

The doctor : anytime now.

Suddenly Beth and Tiffany come in

Beth : is Steph ok.

Emily : apparently, everything is going to plan.

The doctor : Stephanie has had her baby and you can see her now but only 3 at a time.

Gizelle's POV

me, Emily and West all go in first

Emily : awww. she is so cute.

West : can I hold her?

Stephanie : sure. she hands the baby over to West.

are you ok I ask.

Stephanie : um I am hurting all over but I am fine.

Emily : what is she called?

Stephanie : she is called Ella.

Hey I have just thought you can do regionals.

Steph : yey! but won't someone have to get kicked out of the team?

No because Amanda got kicked off the team I say excitedly.

Steph : why

Emily : it doesn't matter

Emily : can I hold her now she moans.

Stephanie : West can you pass Ella over to Emily.

West : ok he sighs.

Hey guys I think we should let the others come in now I say.

Emily : yeah your right.

we walk out the room as Daniel Hunter and Miss Kate walk in.

Hunter's POV

You ok Steph?

Stephanie : yeah I'm fine.

Daniel : the others will be here in a bit too see you.

kate : Can I hold her. and whats her name?

Steph : her name is Ella and Kate

Kate : yes

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