I saved you

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~~~~~Catherine's p.o.v~~~~~

I'm a 22 year old girl that is staying with her parent just because there was an infestation of cockroaches.Ewww that was so terrible so i called and exterminator to come and clear it so that why I'm here.The exterminator says that it would take at least a week.So I'm in the 4th year of college.I'm majoring in video editing and in animation design.

I was walking around the block,I was just trying to calm down for what just happened.My mom told me that he and my dad are getting a divorce.It was kinda hard ,but ill burn my anger with walking or running.I walked around the block 6 times,i knew it was going to get late soon.I started to head back home i looked both ways before crossing the road.I saw a car come zooming down the road so i didn't cross it .I saw a girl walking with her head down looking at her phone.I looked to see the car is still coming , it was .The girl was coming closer at the same time as the car was.My brain didn't even give me time to think.The car was getting dangerously close to the girl.I ran and pushed her out of the way with a lot of force.As she hit the grass of someones front yard the car hit me going with full speed.I felt my body hit the ground as my vision around my eyes started to become darker.The last thing i noticed was the girl rushed to my side and called the ambulance as she told me,"Please stay with me!".She grabbed a hold of my hand as my eyes shut leaving me in what i though was complete darkness.





As i opened my eyes then automatically shutting them.I shaded my eyes, i slowly removed my hand from my face as my eyes adjusted to the light.I tried to pick up my body , i felt shoots of pain shot through my body.

"Hey brown eyes,"i heard a voice say.I looked over and saw the girl i saved.I felt my heart jump out of my chest as my eyes met hers.She had the perfect brown eyes,Her hare cascaded down her shoulders in curls.

"h-h-hi," I said causing my face to turn a pink tint.

"I'm Allyson booke Hernandez,"She shot me a smile then continued,"i would hug you ,but i don't want to hurt you."

"I am Catherine Wayne.Don't worry it wont hurt,"i said.I knew in-fact that it would hurt, but i don care.I saw a smile appear on her face it reached ear to ear.She got up i lifted my body i opened my arms she wrapped her hands around my neck and i wrapped mine around her waist.I felt my eyes close as she nestled her head into my neck.I took this time to take in her scent.Her perfume was vanilla and her hair scent was a green apples.I opened my eyes and saw her wearing black converse.I barley noticed the pain because i could feel my heartbeat racing.

"Oh Your awake,"A male voice said.Allyson pulled away at the same time as i did.I turned to the voice it was a man in a doctor outfit with a clipboard in his hand.

I fixed myself on the bed "I'm Dr.Trents and whats your name?Allyson here said to call you brown eyes because she didn't know your name."I took a quick glance and saw Allyson face turn pink.

"Catherine and thanks Allyson for the new nickname,"I said with a wink that was directed to her.

"Please call me ally,"She said.

"Of course ally,"i said with a wink.

"OK Catherine you have a few minor scratches and bruises but your fine.Here are the discharge papers and once your done you can leave,"He said.

"Thank you doctor," I said .He left the room leaving the paper on the edge of the bed.Ally grabbed the paper work and went over it.

"Here you go Cat,"she said handing it to me."Thank you ,Ally do you mind helping me out of the bed?"

"Oh not at all here,"she said offering her hand to me.Which i took it instantly.She helped me down .I felt my body ache as i started to walk towards the closes chair.

"Oh!here take this," she said reaching over to the counter.She pulled out the pill bottle and took out the pills.She handed it to me.I felt my smile fall,I completely despise pills just them going down my throat.

"Cat please take it.You'll fell better,"She said running her hand down my arm.I knew she left goosebumps,but why?

"fine,"i said she handed me a opened water bottle ,"thank you,".I swallowed the pill wit the water.

"Thank you so much for saving me that car probably would have made me to a little pancake,"she said.

"No,its my pleasure,"I said grabbing the discharge paper.I started to fill them out .

"ALLY?!?!Are you okay,"i hear someone yell through the door.It was a girl that had a bow in her hair and she had brown eyes.

"Yeah I'm fine someone over here saved me,"Ally said nudging me.I finally finished the papers and put them to the side.

"Oh my good thank you for saving my allycat,"She said i frowned at the word my.

"Nah don't worry about it I'm glad to help,"I said getting up and offer my hand.She shook her head causing me to frown.I felt two pairs of arms squeezing me.

"OWW,"I said.

"Oh my god I'm sorry.Are you OK?"i nodded as she continued,"I'm Camila."

"I'm Catherine.Nice to meet you.If you girls can excuse me I'm gonna change,"I said grabbing my clothes of the chair.

"OK.Cat pleas be careful,"Ally said causing me to smile again.

"I will ally,"i said walking to the restroom in the room.I heard their muffled voices.

~~~~~Ally's p.o.v~~~~~

"ooo.ally she is cute don't you think?"camila asked me.

"No she is beautiful,"i said.

"Ally you like her you should invite her to dinner with us."Camila said.

I felt my face turn pink,"okay.I will" i said.

"Good,"camila said while Catherine walked out of the restroom

"Hey uh, Cat would you like to join us at dinner a few of my friends will be there,"i asked my face looking down at the floor.

"Are you asking me or the tiles on the floor?"she asked lifting my chin with her finger causing me to blush."I would love too!"

"Okay then its a date,i mean uh,"i said my voice trailing off.

"I know what you mean al,"she said.

"OK, can i have your number so i can text you the details?"I asked nervously.

"Yes here,"she said handing me her phone.I gave her mine.

I typed  my number and made my contact under 'Your Bae <3 :*.I turned it off and handed it to her.I got mine back as i read what she put herself under  Your Girlfriend ;);)<3  .I smiled and put it into my back pocket.She looked up at me with the same smile.

"You need a ride back?"I asked.

"Yes please,"she said.We walked to our cars camila made Lauren drive her here but she had to go so she went with us.Camia sat in the back and Catherine in the passenger.I dropped her off a her house.

"Thank you ally.Text me later,"She said.

"Will do bye cat,"I said.

"Bye al and bye camila,"She said waving at us.

"Bye,"camila said.

I watched her walk into the house and drove off.

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