Chapter 13-Jada

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-Sparkles* POV-

I knocked on the door of The Ugliest Kittens' apartment and waited patiently for someone to open the door. Sophie answered, a small smile on her face. " 'Sup?" As I looked behind her, I saw that the band's instruments are out next to Sayu's drumset. They were probably doing some backing track practices while Tee was gone. "Hey. Can I talk to Jada real quick? I hope I'm not interrupting anything or something..." I say a bit awkwardly. Sophie grins and turns into the apartment, presumably calling for Jada. "Jada! Sparkles*..." She coughs something out making it unintelligible for me, " here to talk to you!" I hear Sayu's signature giggle as Jada comes out of the living room and walks towards the door and closes it behind her, leaving Sayu and Sophie behind, giving out a slight sigh. "Where's Tee?" She asks. Wow, she really is like a mother to the band. She certainly sounds like one.  I couldn't help but tell her the truth in this situation, although I knew that she'd worry. "She passed out. Parv's taking care of her for a bit." Jada frowned and looked at me, warily.
"Is she okay?"
"I think so..." There was a few moments of pause while she looked down at me, she was pretty tall, taller than me in fact, it kind of made her really pretty. "So what did you need to tell me?" I snap out of my train of thoughts as she asks me this question. "Right. Um... I just need to ask a favour from you. And that favour not only requires keeping a secret but also making sure that other people keep that secret too." I explain a bit to her and she raises her eyebrows, presumably because I sound so serious. "Sure." She replies, simply.
"Well... I'm Tee's brother... Is the gist of it...."
"Is this some kind of sick, twisted joke?"
"Erm... No..." Her eyes widened slightly as she adjusted to this new information, then, business as always she smiled and straightened up. "So what do you need me to do about it?"
"I need you to make sure that Tee doesn't tell Sayu and Sophie..." I say this in full and she looks thoroughly confused as to why he picked her to do this. "Well... You're the authority figure in the band pretty much. They'll all listen to you. Also... Well... You're pretty much the only one that can keep secrets."
"So why do you need me to do this?"
"As I said earlier... Sayu and Sophie can't keep secrets. I know for a fact that Sayu on energy drinks is pretty much like a normal human with alcohol. Definitely not tight lipped. And she drinks energy drinks a lot. As for Sophie... She gossips a lot and she's been the source of so many rumors I just don't think..."
She interrupts me before I can say the end of that sentence. "Yeah, yeah I get all that but why do you want to keep it from the rest of the world in the first place? I mean... Wouldn't it be easier if you just told everyone, now that Tee knows?" I look down at my feet. I really hoped that I wouldn't have to answer this question. "Erm... Well... I can't really tell you that.... I'm really sorry..." She doesn't sound angry when she answers me. She seems to take it in her stride. "Okay." And with that she walked off back into the apartment, without a goodbye or anything.

-Earlier that evening-

-Jada POV-

I played a few random notes on the synth, hoping that the song would fit together magically somehow. Megan was sitting on the opposite side of the room doodling in her notebook, Sayu was just doing an occasional rhythm on the drums and Sophie was just sitting in the corner, pretty much hugging her bass. We were absolutely stuck for ideas. I guess that's how we ended up playing truth or dare. "Okayyyy.... Jada! Truth or dare!" Sayu said defiantly after around an hour of playing this stupid game. Sayu had climbed out of the window on the three story apartment block, stood up, then climbed back in. Sophie had admitted just how adorable she thought Tom Hiddlestone was and Megan admitted that she could secretly play the clarinet. "Truth!" I said, smiling. Sayu and Sophie grinned at each other, in unspoken agreement, then said in unison: "Do you have a crush on anyone and if so, who?" I looked at them, startled, feeling my face go a deep red. I start involuntarily fiddling with my fingers. "Erm... Kinda... Sparkles*?" Sophie and Sayu burst out in excitement and hugged each other. "We knew it!"


Sorry I haven't posted n stuff but I've had a few family issues, therefore in between arguments I've pretty much written a line of the story then got pulled back into family issues. Sorry. But anyways... A new character called Emily should be added in soon enough but I need to find a way to fit her in. I have a few ideas but I just need to organize them in my tiny little brain.  Also I can't believe the response to this story. Thank you so much guys. I love going on wattpad and just checking up on the people who read these stories n stuff. Most of you are really amazing writers yourself! So thanks for the feedback I guess ^_^

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