~ After Class ~

"Jane! Wanna go with us? My treat." she said, "Yeah, sure!" I said excitedly. We went to the canteen and went to find our table. Until we found a table on the corner part of the canteen. Me and Darren sat down while Jan is buying us our food.

"So, how long have you've been a YouTuber?" Darren asked while fixing his things," Um, almost 1 year. Im still a newbie, I only covered 15 songs. How about you and Jan?" I asked back, " Maybe almost 6 years, we covered almost all hit songs and the top 50 songs around the world but of course it should be in English and Filipino." he said, then he fixed his hair. So they are Filipinos? Hmm. They surely are. FILIPINOS. "Um, Darren can I ask a favor?" I ask him, "Yeah, what is it." he said, "Can I cover a song with you?Because I'll be needing featured cover artists for my next cover song." I explained. "We'll be pleasured to do it with you!" I was shocked because Jan suddenly spoke up infront of us." Oh my Gosh! Thank you so much! So when are you free?" I asked excitedly. "Maybe, this weekend, and maybe, my cousins can also do the cover with us." Jan said, "The Mcdonough brothers?! Is Toby gonna be there?!" I asked excitedly, "Haha! Of course. Is Toby your crush? Well if Yes, I'm going to warn you, his a crazy freaking idiot Jane! Crazy Freaking Idiot! That Tobster!" Jan said. Hahaha! Tobster. Cute nickname. Finally, I can meet them this weekend!

"Ahahaha! I know! I really, really want to meet them! They are my inspiration especially Toby!" I said. " Dont worry Jane! We will make sure that the Mcdonald. Ehem. I mean the Mcdonough Brothers will be coming with us this weekend." Darren said, "Omagash! Thanks a lot! Your the best!" I thanked them. "Sure! No problem!".

After everything, we ate our food and went home.

When I arrived home, the door is lock!Nahh! Mom didn't gave me the spare key! So dont tell me?! I'll be waiting here until 5 AM?! Sht! No way! Never in my dreams!

I walked back and forth until I came up with an idea. I am going to ask Jan to have a sleep over with them.

I fished my phone out of my pocket and dialed Jan.

"Hello? Jane?" she said, "Yes Jan, it's me !" It's a little bit noisy, in their place, it's like someone is recording a cover of Bruno Mars' 'When I Was Your Man'. "How can I help you? I'm sorry if it's a little bit noisy." she said, " No worries! I just want to ask if I can have a sleep over with you, cauz my mom didn't ga --- " I stopped, " Connie! Stop disturbing me! Im talking with my friend ON THE PHONE!" she suddenly shouted, "Stop it guys! She will really be mad at you." a familiar voice said, maybe that's Omaghad. No way! Its Toby! Omaghad! "Im sorry Jane, about the sleep over thingy, you can surely have it here! Im so excited to see you Jane." she said excitedly, " Omagash! Thank you so much! Text me where you at and Im coming! Bye!" then I ended the call. Then suddenly, I received a text from her.

When I got the text, I directly got my bike.



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