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"That's good." Karla nodded as well, smiling happily. "Exactly what we want. Now take a seat." John obliged and then Karla sat before us all. "Let's get down to business."

Immediately William and Sara each hauled their packs onto the table, pulling out a high-tech camera, which was then passed to Karla. She turned it on and started flicking through photos as I watched, silently.

"We managed to edit the refraction of the overhead photo to match the satellite image." William explained and Karla nodded. I found myself confused but figured it didn't really matter. "And we got all the shots of the camp you said you wanted. It was.... worse there than I expected."

Karla nodded again, but this time it was slower, more sincere. "I know. I've been." she said softly. I was surprised. Though I still didn't quite know what to think of this reporter, she seemed genuinely concerned and sympathetic about this cause, and that made her a friend in my books.

Finally Karla snapped the camera shut, and addressed all of us around the table. "As you all know, for many months, and in some cases years, we have all pursued the goal of stopping the governments plans. We are all united in our desire to cease their rise to power at the expense of the average person's suffering. All over the country, groups just like you have gathered information about their atrocious acts, and the new laws which have placed many in the slums and worse, and then waited patiently for their hard work to come to fruition, all the whole stirring up resistance as well as they could. Because of your courageous seeking out of this evidence of that government monstrosity, the slave labour-driven mine in this remote area, we are finally able to prepare for the most important day in our lives. Soon, tomorrow even, we'll be able to broadcast this information to the world, and now we have enough to really make the people think. Hopefully they'll revolt, and even if they don't, well, government secrets are out there now. It's a step in the right direction." she paused to glance around at each member of our group, and I felt an understanding of just how good a speaker she was. "Thank you, all of you, for your help in this matter. Soon this horrible time of suffering for many will be over, soon there will be peace. I know that you'll finally be getting what you want."

We were all silent but there was a subtle glow among us at her rousing words. What we wanted was freedom, and it was within our grasp. Soon we wouldn't have to hide, to worry; we could be free! I knew that I'd probably end up where I was before, in the same situation, but I'd honestly endure whatever bullying and teasing was thrown at me, if I could just live without danger hanging over me like a dark cloud.

Our group eventually disbanded, William and Lily moving off to get something to eat, Raj pulling out his phone, John and Sara moving over to have a more comprehensive discussion with Karla, and Owen and I just sitting there, thinking.

"It'd be nice, wouldn't it?" Owen eventually broke the silence, and I looked over at him curiously.

"What would?"

"If this was all over," he explained and I felt a tug at my heartstrings. "to go home again." His face lit up so much at the idea and I smiled.

"Got much back home?" I asked curiously. "Many friends?"

Owen's blissful expression faltered for a second. "Not exactly. Well, I mean, we didn't exactly part on good terms but still, I'm sure, with a bit of explaining..."

His story filled me with intrigue and I wanted to ask for more, but the pain in my chest grew worse as I remembered my own friend, who I'd parted with horribly. I wondered if she ever got my message.

"I'm sorry. Excuse me." I said hastily, standing up and hurrying over to Raj, who looked inquisitively up from his phone. "May I please use your phone?" I asked politely and immediately saw a confused look cross his face. "I need to call a friend. I just remembered. She'll be worried about me."

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