Chapter 4

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***3 months later***

A lot has happened the past 3 months. Me and Austin have been getting closer. Like really close. And found out him and his bitchy girlfriend broke up. Actually I think he likes me. And I like him. Well he messages me on Facebook saying "I has a crush on you C;" so yea.

I finally convinced Katie to get her own Facebook. And talk to her mom and everything because she's been using mine and whenever I try talking to Austin. She buts into our conversation.

I also got Austin's number but he has no minutes (sad face) so we just talk on Facebook. I'm supposed to meet him today (first day of sophomore year) to walk around with him. I'm kinda nervous.

Anyways right now I'm doing my makeup. Mascara to be exact. I'm getting ready for school. First day. Ugh.

I finish and I leave the house before anyone starts a huge conversation with me.

I stop at Katie's to get her and head to the bus. I sat with her on the bus because she's nervous for high school.


"Can you walk around with me?" Katie asks while walking to the high school side door.

I knew I was supposed to walk with Austin. But I'm seriously nervous and well a freshmen needs help so I say yes. And we walk around until the bell rings.


All day during school all I could think of was Austin. And how I wish I walked with him. I was so excited. But nervous at the same time. I was afraid he would be mad at me. So I got out my phone and went onto Facebook. And messaged Him.


Me: I'm sooo sorry I didn't walk with you. I was helping Katie find her way around:(

He answered back right away.

Austin: don't worry about it. It's fine. Just meet me tomorrow!!

Me: ok i will :) I was actually kinda scared to walk with you .-.

Austin: that's cute. *-*

Me: oh shut up. Lol. Ugh I have to go :( I'll see you tomorrow!

Austin: ok bye

I got off Facebook. Then went downstairs to eat dinner. We were having spaghetti and meatballs. My favorite meal.

"How was school?" Amanda asks

I didn't answer because i had food in my mouth.

"Hailey. Answer my question. How was school?"

"I was eating and good " i reply once i swallow my bite.

I finished eating and went right up to my room. I was feeling really tired so I layed down and fell right to sleep.


I woke up in the morning and remembered I'm walking with Austin. I started feeling nervous but excited.

I straightened my hair, put on makeup, and put on my white shorts with a blue shirt. And my blue sweater over it. I always wear sweaters. Doesn't matter if it's hot or cold. Im insecure about my body so I always do.

I finish getting really and start walking toward Katie's house. She wasn't outside yet so I texted her.


Me: Hey I'm outside. You coming?

Katie: yea one minute.

I put my phone back in my pocket and wait for Katie.

She comes out after a few minutes

"Heyy" Katie says as soon as she sees me. And we start walking.

"Hey. I have to walk with Austin this morning."

"Oh okayyy. Have fun" she smiles.

I laugh. And we get onto the bus.


We get to school and I start waking to the front lobby area where he wants to meet.

"Haileyyy!! Can I come?" Katie runs up behind me

"Sure" I laugh. "If you want"

I got to the lobby and I saw him. I'm really scared. Why. Omg. Stop body.

Katie just goes up and hugs him. Oh. Well that's weird. I got kinda jealous. Lol

"I'm gonna go. I'll let you two be alone" she winks at me

I slap her "shut up bye"

"Well let's go walk around" Austin chimes in

"Ok" I smile

It was really awkward walking around. He just talks about everything when he's nervous I think. Because he's been the only one talking. I don't really know to say.

"So how are you? He asks me

"I'm fine you?

"Just fine?"

"Okay I'm perfect"

He walks me to my kc (it's where we go before classes to take attendance) and I turn around.

"Well I'll talk to you later" I tell him


I turn to face him.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

I could feel my face turning red. But I nodded my head while smiling. And then walked into my room.

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