Chapter Eleven:A Cure to solve my problems or to make more?

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Yo yo yo,i got my school junk.My book bag is huge so big that both my dogs can fit inside of it.


Derek's point of view:

Deaton watched as Stiles and I entered his building,we were both silent.I pretty sure Deaton could notice the tension,I'm also sure that's why he silently directed us into his office.Stiles was all types of tensed and I couldn't do anything to make him feel better,in fact I think I'm making it worse.

Deaton motioned me to sit on his steal table so I did.He gave me a regular check up and said that all my werewolf functions were in tact.I sighed with relief because who knows what this aging backwards his doing to my regular body,Stiles also looked relieved and I smiled because even though he was upset he still cared.

"I may have just the thing for you...but-"Stiles cut Deaton off before he could finish."But what?"He looked anxious and I wanted to go over there and comfort him but I didn't get the 'ok' from doctor d." may take about a five to seven days."He finished in a soothing tone."So a week."I deadpanned.He nodded and Stiles sighed,so much for making this last.I hopped off the table and we both walked out the office,Deaton stopped us."Derek for your sake please don't hurt yourself,it may make your situation permanent."He gave me a strict glare and I nodded.

So now I have to make sure I don't get hurt,protect my pack,and not expose myself while also trying to make things last with Stiles.This just got a whole lot more complicated.Plus we could have just came here tomorrow because it wasn't all that urgent,he just told me he had a cure that's it nothing special.I groaned and ran a hand over my soft teenage face,why did this have to happen to me.

Stiles and I sat in the jeep tension thick in the air.He hadn't started the car so I assume he wants to talk to me about our situation.Stiles continued to look ahead not saying a word and I sat there quietly not wanting to disturb him. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, he finally looked my way but his eyes weren't filled with rage like I expected they were watery with tears.

"This sucks."Stiles's voice cracked and a tear slipped from his eye.I grabbed his hand and rubbed it trying to sooth him. "I know."I whispered and kissed his hand gently, more tears started to slip out of his eyes and I reached over and hugged him.Stiles is always brave and always does things he doesn't want to or need to do so I'm positive that it's all taking a toll on him and he's finally cracking.

He sobbed into my shoulder and the only thing I could do was sooth him and whisper calming words into his ear. We stayed like this for about ten minutes but it felt more like hours.Stiles wiped his tears embarrassed and smiled sadly towards me. "I'm sorry."He mumbled apologetically and I shook my head quickly. "It's okay we all can't hide our emotions. "I smiled softly he snorted."Derek that's all you ever do! "His face turned red and he frowned towards me.

"No it's not, not when I'm alone it's not."I mumbled and Stiles's eyes went wide. "I'm sorry Derek I didn't mean to-"The words poured out of His mouth."It's okay."I smiled at him and he seemed to relax a bit.

Stiles's started the car and we both sat back in silence. He started tapping his fingers on the wheel and he seemed focused on the road. "want to come back to my place and we can order pizzas and watch movies."I nodded because technically I ruined our date and he still wanted to spend time with me.

He drove off into the road and dialed the pizza places number,even though he shouldn't be on the phone and driving.He ordered a large pepperoni and sausage pizza with mozzarella sticks,he hung up with a small smile.We made back to his house in a record of time,a tiny smile still on his face.

His fathers cruiser was parked in the space besides Stiles's parking spot.Stiles parked and shut off the jeep is smile grew some more.We made our way into the house,John sat at the kitchen table stress pouring out of him and it reeked.Stiles's smile disappeared when he saw the look on his fathers face.

"Hey dad."Stiles said hesitantly,John looked up with a slight frown."Hey boys."He grunted and looked back down at his paper work."I ordered pizza so I guess you can have your cheat day today."Stiles put on fake enthusiasm and his father nodded not looking up at him.I felt a pain in my chest,John is all Stiles has left and he treats him poorly sometimes.

I smelled sadness from Stiles but he continued to smile.He grabbed my hand and lead me to his room without another word.I couldn't help but look back at John he looked so tired.Stiles shut the door from his room behind me and sighed heavily."Are you okay?"I mumbled he only nodded and plopped onto his bed.

"You know you can talk to me if you want."I sat beside him and rested a hand on his shoulder."Yeah I know."He looked like a kicked puppy."Can you sleep over today,please."His big brown eyes begged me and I couldn't resist it."Yeah I'll stay."I kissed his forehead gently.His heart rate was calming and his even breathes informed me that he was feeling a little better.

The door bell rang and Stiles stood up and grabbed money from his dresser.I watched as he descended out into the hall way and down the stairs.The pizza man's heart rate was unexpectedly fast so I decided to see whats up with this guy.I made my way down the stairs and went behind Stiles who was opening the front door.

To my surprise there was Andy the little stalker dressed in a delivery uniform."What the hell are you doing here."I crossed my arms in front of my chest and glared at him,his ears turned red."I just came to drop off the pizza Stiles ordered."His voice was weak and he was obviously afraid.

My eyes narrowed my shoulders tensed,i don't like this creep at all and now he knows where Stiles lives.He handed Stiles the pizza and mozzarella sticks,Stiles then passed it to me and payed Andy."Thanks and keep the change."He smiled and looked back at me.I growled at Andy as Stiles shut the door and locked it.

"My poor Wolfy is jealous."Stiles kissed my cheek and walked to the kitchen,I followed him.I huffed loudly and set the food down on the table.

"I'm not jealous that guy is just a creep."I grumbled under my breath and Stiles kissed me quickly.

"Relax you're here he won't creep his way into the house."Stiles nudged my shoulder he was obviously teasing me.I only snorted and opened the pizza box.

"Dad the pizzas here."Stiles called out to his father.John had taken a brake and was in the living room watching a baseball game.I heard his heavy foot steps approach the kitchen and he gave Stiles a pleasant grin.

"Let's eat."


Stiles didn't like being the big spoon so I had to be the big spoon.I don't mind it's just now I have an awkward boner at three in the morning.Stiles sighed and continued to sleep.I moved my bottom area away from his butt so that he wouldn't feel it.That's when I heard him wake up.

"D-Derek."He stuttered slightly and sat up.He saw how I was laying and immediately a blush spread across my cheeks.He smiled slightly at me though he was extremely tired.

"What's the matter."His voice sounded so sexy all tired and stuff.I cleared my throat and sat up trying cover myself.

"Nothing's wrong."I lied,Stiles could tell I was lying so he cupped my face and kissed my forehead.

"Get some sleep."Was all he said and then he laid back down.If only I could.

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