chapter twelve

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"hold on wait wait what movie are we seeing?"I ask

"ohhh yeah I dont know lets just go in there and see the choices"logan says

"yeah come on" christain says leading the pack we walk into the movie theaters and look at the movies

"well ahhh that one looks like a good one but so does that one what do you guys think?" I say

"yeah that one" logan point to the screen

"yeah okay that one seems interesting" Christian says

"okay" I say and go up the the lady behind the desk

"hi how may I help you"saus the lady

"hai ah can we get six tickets for "let me in" please?"I ask

"yes that would be 36 dollars please"she said I paid for the tickets and we went to get some food

"hai can I get six medium pops, two large popcorns and some sour pach kids oh and two things of nachos?"I ask

"okay your total will be 32 dollars"the guy behind the counter said I paid and got our food and then we headed to our movie.

"hey guys what ya doing here?"torey ask

"oh well we where bored and decided to go to the movies"i say stuffing my mouth with popcorn all ready

"ohh wait bella is anyone at the house?"torey asked me

"no why?" I ask

"oh just wondering but where is every one else?" torey said

"well on a date or somewhere else"jack said behind me

"oh hey jack what ya doin here?"torey asked

"well I was hanging out with them cause every one else left and then all of us came here" jack said pointing at the group we where with

"oh well then we have to go so we'll see ya at home"tyler says

"yeah see ya"i say as we head towards our movie

"holy shit no no dont ahh"logan screamed

"ahaha you little bitch, holy shit what was that!?" cody whispered

"whos the bitch now?"logan whispered

"dude I think I'm gonna have nightmares now!" bonnie said

"me to"jack said sitting next to me

"ahahaha I probably will to but ahaha we should have just seen harry potter" i wisperd finally the movie was over and we headed back to my house.

"okay who wants to drive"i ask

"I want to"jack said I throw the keys to him and he gets in the driver seat we drive back kinda fast.

"okay well we gotta get going but thanks for the movie the popcorn and every thing" Christian says

"yeah no problem but if you want you can come over tomorrow or some thing cause I dont think I have any plans" I say

"yeah sure"he says

"hey thanks bella for every thing I had a lot of fun tonight I'll probably piss my pants later thanks to that movie"logan says

"yupp well see ya guys later"i say as they walked to Christians car.

"well I see thalias back"i say as i see daves car in thalias drive way. jack and I walk into my house.

"oh my god"jack whispers

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