Becoming The Angel I Am

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We finally made it to God, it took a while but we made it. He looked amazing, bigger then I could imagine. It's hard to make out what he looks like because he's glowing way too much. He started looking at me weirdly, his voice was deep when he thanked Zoe.

He walked back to a big shelf and grabbed a glowing can he knelt down to me and sprinkled this dust from the can on me. I felt lighter, I started floating while I felt something moving on my back.

I asked " Wha, What's going on?"

Zoe answered "Your an angel"

I was confused, how could I be an angel?? "Wha???How??"

Zoe smiled and pointed to the can God was holding. "You were an angel without wings, and now you have them." She smiled again and flew up to me she told me it's time to learn how to fly.

She wrapped her arms around me again and flew me to a big hole in the clouds. It looks like the pathway from heaven to earth. We stood right in front of it, she looked at me. "Ready?" She asked

I nodded. She pushed me down it onto earth. I was scared I tried flying, failed. I tried again, harder, I started going slower. It was working. I tried even harder and started flying!! I couldn't believe it!! I was actually flying!!

I started trying even harder and I started going up!! After a while I made it to the top and saw Zoe standing there clapping and cheering for me.

She flew to me and gave me a belt. It was black with small spikes. "What's this for?" I asked

She smiled, "its so humans don't see u glowing and u look like a bird in the air and a human on land. We are going to see Jenny,Lola and Mae they can teach you different things I am only able to teach you how to fly. Lola can teach you how to be an angel in heaven Mae can teach you how to be an angel on earth and Jenny can teach you how to be a guardian and how to make angels."

I smiled and pictured them. I pictured Jenny with straight orange hair and dark blue eyes, she has freckles and a loving smile the will light up the room. I picture Lola as a fun girl from her look, she has straight brown hair and puts in wacky, fun, colorful highlights. She has big brown eyes and they make you get a special vib from her. I picture Mae as a brunette with straight hair from the top to middle and the middle to bottom is curly. She has bright blue eyes and a perfect smile that any guy would fall in love with her from the first time they look in her eyes.

I described my vision and she told me I was close "Jenny does have orange hair amd freckles but brown eyes. Her smile does light up the room and so does Lola's and Lola is just like you explained. And Mae has all curly hair and is not focused on her beauty she likes her personality."

I smiled again and followed Zoe down to earth after I put the belt on.


  I heard behind me. It scared me and I started falling onto earth!!! I was gonna crash!!!!!

       Just then Mae dove down and laid where I was going to land. I curled in a ball still falling my wings were gone so I couldn't fly. I saw hands wrap around me and I looked up and saw Lola carrying me she looked kinda new on earth too so she couldn't carry me too well.

      "Jenny go!!" I heard Zoe say.

      I had been passed on to Jenny she was gently flying me to the ground. Once I was on the ground and laid down and said "I missed you earth!!"

    I looked at Zoe then Jenny then Lola and then when I looked at Mae she shook her head 'no'. I sighed I was gonna ask if I can see my family again.

    "Now that you have seen what happens to some angels, let's go back to heaven so Lola can teach you your first lesson." Zoe said

    "Ok!!" I said as Jenny wrapped her arms around me again.

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