Awkward Boner part 2

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That probably doesn't seem like much to you, and most are on the first part but I never expected this story as a whole to get more than twenty reads so thank you sooooooo much!

Anyway, this will be a continuation of Awkward Boner, it's set right after their little... experience ;)


Harry and Louis cuddled up with their paper plates stacked with pizza, watching movies until nearly midnight, sharing sweet smiles when they caught the other staring.

During that one night, the feelings they had for each other completely changed. Before, they saw each other as best friends.

Now, they noticed how beautiful the other was. Harry had realized Louis' eyes were such a bright, lovely blue, and he didn't think any other eyes could be so beautiful. He noticed the crinkles by Louis' gorgeous eyes when he smiled, couldn't help but smile as well when he saw them.

Louis admired the softness of Harry's curls when he ran his fingers through them. He noted the slimness of Harry's hips when he stood up to change the disc. He felt pride spread through him when he makes Harry laugh, which is odd because he's made Harry laugh countless times before.

"We should probably go to bed, yeah?" Harry sniffled at the end of The Notebook, "s'a school night."

Louis didn't bother answering, just laid all the way down from his position leaning on the headboard and lifted his hips to take his trousers off. Harry followed suit, struggling to take his skin tight jeans, and turned around so that Louis was spooning him.

Cuddling wasn't something new for them, they had always cuddled, but now, something was different. It was more.. intimate. The way Louis buried his face in Harry's curls, and the way he gingerly wrapped his arm around his waist, he acted as if Harry was fragile. Like he needed to protect him. And the way Harry leaned into his touch, the way he hummed happily at the feeling of Louis so close to him.

"Night, Lou." Harry murmured, speech slurred with sleep, letting his eyes slip shut.

"Night, Haz."


Harry's alarm blasted through the room at six thirty a.m. , an annoying blaring noise.

The two boys, beyond tired, groaned and snuggled closer to each other, hoping that somehow, they would be able to sleep a little bit longer.

"We have to get up. We have a test first period." Louis said, almost sadly.

"I know. I fuckin' suck at English, I'm gonna fail."

"Still, we have to be there or we will get our asses beaten." Louis reasoned, hauling himself into a sitting position, rubbing his face.

Harry rolled out of bed and told Louis he was gonna hop in the shower, which he did.

He was letting the warm water run over him, washing his body when he remembered with a slight flash of panic, just what happened the night before.

He decided just to act like it didn't happen, like they were the best friends they were before.

But what if that's not what Louis wants?

What if Louis wants to be... In a relationship?

What if he just wants to friends with benefits?

Harry shudders at that thought, pushing it from his mind and jumping out of the shower. He dried his body and wrapped the towel around his waist, walking back in his room to get changed.

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