What's in the shed Jed?

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What's in the shed Jed

and have you given it

some thought

that the curators might be interested

from Ripley's

Believe it or not!

So what's in the shed Jed

that you cannot


and is it a hoax

or evidently

the real deal?

For many years

old Jed

has come up with alibis

in order to protect

the truth

from any prying eyes.

What's in the shed Jed

and can we take

a peak

so CNN

is supplied

with an information leak.

Well it was ejected

from a spaceship

over 20 years ago

but old Jed

was the only one

who would ever know.

The metal armor is rusting

and the body

in the suit

is not of this earth


any forensic dispute.

It's a little alien pilot

with the middle finger

on display

which still holds up


to this very day.

The alien had to evacuate.

Abject terror

had been felt

while still strapped into the cockpit


a safety belt.

Jed knows of that predicament

as he is an alien


trapped here

in disguise

and protecting this vital clue.

So in Backwoods County

the rumors

are never dead

but they're still asking

out of curiosity

What's in the shed Jed?


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