Arrival in nola

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Kayla pov

I jus arrived in Nola and I'm so scared but I see Corey running to me so I hugged and kissed all over his face and then he looked me up and down and was like dang girl u got hella thick and I jus started laughing he was like u was all skinny in school now u got a hourglass shape I was like shut up he took me to his mercedes and I got in da passenger side then he got in and stared driving he was like I got u and Josline a room together and aug is on the 10th floor I was so nervous wen he said Tht I jus shook my head I didn't even kno we was there already I got out the Car and Corey got my Louis Vuitton suit case we walked in the hotel and went on the elevator and went to the 6th floor which was where me and Josline was stayin I walk in da room and Josline hugged and kissed me I was turnt Corey was like I'm gon go and let y'all get ready and I was like for what he was like jus get ready and he jus walked out then me and Josline got dress I had on a red crop top some tight jeans Tht showed my curves my red jordans a red crop top hoodie my gold Rolex and some diamond earrings I walked out the bathroom j was like dammmmmmmmmnnn u look good I was blushing and said thx then Corey txt jos to tell us to come the 10th floor and we walk out the room and to the elevator we made it to the 10th floor Corey was waitin for us and he was like Kay ya ass look fat in dem jeans I was like stp jos was like fr then before I knew it we was at aug room Corey open the door and told us to wait then he came back out to get jos and he still told me to wait then like 5 minutes later he came and got me and told me to be quite we started walkin in I saw jos I. Da bathroom washin her hands then I saw aug in the those office chair sittin down on his phone then Corey was like aug he looked up and den Corey moved out the way so he could see me and he was shocked but then I walked up to him and gave him a hug and looked in his brown eyes and was like hey

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