"Yes. Someone told them. And let me tell you, Ethan was really upset. He was talking about taking an early revenge on them. Something about a 'special' welcome to our school! I think that they are planning on giving them hell when they get here."

"When are they coming?"

"I don't really know. The headmaster said that the students would go to their school. He said that they will inform them about the whole situation and divide them into the groups and then sending each group to the right school. It could be any minute now or they might come after lunch. No one really knows."

"Great!" I said slamming my locker shut. I started walking with Max by my side towards our first class for the day. I kept looking at the girls that we were passing and they were in a panic mode. Everyone was asking if they looked okay and if their hair, makeup and outfit was okay. "I'm guessing that the guys coming here are hot?" I asked.

I wouldn't know if they were because I didn't really like going to the school football games. Most of them end in a big fight between the two teams and their fans. Some people have gone to the hospital because of those fights and the last thing I want is visiting an ER and paying the medical bills because some assholes can't play like normal people.

"Why would you assume that? Max asked being sarcastic.

"Well, it was a long shot. But I think what gave it away was the giggling and daydreaming girls all around us!" I said teasingly and Max smiled at me.

"No joke; they are!" Max said fanning himself as he was picturing them in his mind. "And their quarterback has the most perfect ass I've ever seen!"

"How did I know that you were going to bring up one of the football player's asses into the conversation?" I ask laughing and he laughed too before answering.

"Well, you know me too well, Danny! You know me too well!" He says and I shove him playfully in the classroom.


To say that the news has spread faster than light in a dark place would be an understatement. But I don't know why they were making a big deal out of everything and why they were so excited! The 'Lions" being here would only cause even more drama than we already have.

And we have a lot of drama in school. Our school should be turn into a TV show. We had everything a TV series needs to be a hit.

We have the on-and-off couple. Ethan and his girlfriend, Sandra, have broken up about fifty times during the last month and that was when we were in school. I don't know what was happening in their time outside of school but I'm pretty sure they break up and make up all the time. And every breakup always happens on lunch hour and in the school cafeteria. It's like they're putting on a show for the kids in school.

Then, we have Sandra and her friends bashing everyone. I swear those girls hate every other girl. They have something bad to say about everyone- even the teachers. Not that there's something wrong in speaking your mind, the problem is how you speak it! I think they're getting sensitivity lessons with Nicole Arbour.

And if those situations weren't dramatic enough we had rumors that one of the teachers- Mr. Anderson, the math teacher- was dating one of the girls in school. I know, gross. It's not that he's not good-looking. He's rather attractive but the thing is that he's like 40 and, if he was doing what they were saying he was doing, it is statutory rape. I just keep in mind not to be left alone with him in a classroom.

And we had, of course, the daily fights between boys over girls that they wanted. Like I said our school is full of drama.

"Hey. How was class?" Max asked when he found me during our break in my locker.

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