First move

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Imogen's P.O.V -

I'm in all of Ethan's classes yay! Except for English but I guess I can live. I was just sitting in the middle of home room when this very cute blond kid walked over "hey, I'm Fletcher."

Fletcher's P.O.V -

I finally started talking to her, she looks even prettier up close I was interrupted by her saying "hi, my names Imogen" "what a lovely name" I risked saying "thank you" she was blushing, she looked so cute when she blushes, "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies sometime, if you don't want to I totally understand." "oh I'd love to." did I just hear correctly or did she just say yes.

We quickly exchanged numbers then I left to go brag to Ethan about what just happened.

Ethan's P.O.V -

I was really pissed at Fletcher, I thought he was my best mate but what do I see him doing? Going off and flirting with Imogen! I mean come on I thought he knew I wanted her. Oh here he is better act natural.

"guess who just got a date with Imogen" Fletcher said " WHATTT" I screamed "YOU KNOW I WANTED HER!" "to bad, first in best dressed."

I was so pissed I punched him right in the face how could he do this to me he new I liked her and wanted her so bad, she's different from the rest, doesn't were sluty clothes to impress me and honestly doesn't try to impress me. I really like her, maybe she could change me...


I think I finally get were I'm going with this story thanks to my frandsss. Should I do a 20 questions? Comment if I should or not.

-Imi :)

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