Chapter oo4

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I had accepted the request to become the sacrificer for the village. For the sake of protecting my own village, I need to do this. This can protect Baekhyun and JongIn too.

We must do this for them and the village. This is our mission and fate. We are born to be like this. God chose us to be the sacrificer then we are fated to be sacrificed. We must be proud of this . Proud to be the one who God chose to be. We need to thankful too.

Will we be able to do this ourselves? Is this the right path that we should have choose? Why are we the sacrificer? We are not good, not perfect or beautiful, why he chose us?

I don't know. You should ask him yourself. Why are you asking me the lame question, you idiot and evil Taeyeon. I am not the God how I know? You are so lame!

Stop calling me that name. Ugh... I totally hate that Taeyeon name. Then change your name. We have the same name and it's very confusing when someone call us. Hmm... I want myself to be called Miyeon . Is this okay?

It's nice actually. Miyeon. Miyeon ahh, let's face this together. Yes.

"Taeyeon-ahh."somebody called. This sounded familiar. I know this person. Baekhyun, the fifth prince. Now I feel like running away. He definitely think that I betrayed him now. I'm so sorry, Baekhyun.

"Why did you accept that?" he looked at me , frowned, deeply. I felt my heart squeezing really hardly. I don't mean to hurt you, Baekhyun. I just want to protect you . I am really sorry. "Accept what?" I acted like I-don't-care.

"Why did you accept to be the sacrificer?" he clasped my shoulder tightly , causing me to feel the pain on both of my shoulder. I had never see him so angry before, not really like angry but it's like angry.

"Don't you know it's very proud to be chosen as the sacrificer?" I smirked and turn away from him, my back facing him instead. I wanted to cry. I want to be the sacrificer not until I met you.

Before I meet you, I keep thinking there no benefits for me to keep on living , not until I meet you. Although I keep on talking behind your back, but deep inside , the fact is I love you. The love that will make me willing to be sacrifice for you.

"What about me?" he asked , his voice sounded like he was going to break into tears. "I am giving you your answer now. " I paused and take a deep breathe. I spun around and face him, looking into his eyes.

"I loved you, but that's over. You are no good for me, seriously." I said . "But you can love me again , right? " he asked. He sounded so sad. Right now, I really want to punch , not punch but kill myself for hurting him. We cant be together again now, Baekhyun. I might hurt you again and again.

"There's no way that I'll love you again. " So you just need to hate me for betraying you, hate me so that you wont be able to fall in love with me again. So that you wont get hurt because of me.

"Get over with me and find another girl who are better than me, Baekhyun. "I said as I pulled his hand away from my shoulder and stepped backwards. Even if I don't want to, but I have to because after this I wont be able to see you again, Baekhyun , my first love.

Suddenly he pulled me back , wrapped his arm around my waist and crushed his mouth to mine roughly. Like he couldn't breathe without me, he was kissing me desperately. I struggled but I cant get away. But at least, I felt him before I leave this world.

I gathered my force on my right palm until it turned blue, light blue so that the power wont be that much. I placed my palm on his shoulder , causing ice form on his shoulder. He stopped kissing me, and fell down on his knees. His eyes were closed as it's really pain.

I kneeled down in front of him and wrapped my arms around him. "Thank you for everything and I am sorry, Baekhyun. " Tears started flowing out from my eyes non-stop. I broke the spell and left him lying his back on the tree nearby. I looked at him for the last time and left.


Taeyeon ahh, what should I do with JongIn ? I think you should just do it just like me. We should just end it in a harsh way. We hope that they hate us and forget about us, right? That's why we must sacrifices the love between us. If not, we will put them in danger, Miyeon.

I guess that JongIn are searching for you right now. No longer, he definitely will found you. It's just a matter of time to tell him everything now. I wish you luck, Miyeon. I'm sure that you can do everything just like me.

He's coming.

I sneezed. Miyeon and I both switched.

"Taeyeon-ahh. " Kai called. I remained in the same position, unmoved . If I face him now, I might cry! Then, everything will be ruined. Get your strength up and face it bravely, Miyeon. I can do this, I definitely can.

I whirled around to find him standing behind me, breathing heavily. "I finally found you!" he ran towards me and opened his arms for me to hop in like what I always do. But I didn't this time, instead, I had a step backward. He looked at me surprisedly.

"Why are you looking for me?" I pressed my lips together tightly, trying to hold back tears. His hands slowly fall back to the sides. "I want to stop you from sacrificing . " his eyes became serious suddenly. Stop me?

"Funny, how are you going to stop me when I have already decided to do it?" I smirked, putting my left hand on my waist. I am sure that I looked like 100%-not-me.

"Are you really , Taeyeon?" he asked, looking really puzzled. "I-I mean , are you really my Taeyeon."JongIn questioned.

"Yes , no and no. " I answered coolly. "I am the Taeyeon you know, but I am Miyeon by the way. And I am not your Taeyeon anymore, JongIn. " I gave him a weak smile.

"Miyeon? You are mine, Taeyeon." He clasped my shoulder and insisted to accept the truth. "I am not Taeyeon anymore. My real name is Miyeon, LEE MIYEON! " I had changed my name, so I better live on with this name right now.

"Taeyeon is the other me, JongIn . I hope that you forget me. Please. " I looked into his eyes and did persuasion on him. Forget me , please forget me, JongIn. His expression went blank and he just stood there , frozen . I think no longer he will get back his sense. I am not sure if he will forget me for a long time but it's the best if he completely forget me.

Miyeon-ahh... You even did persuasion on him? You love him so much... It's the only way, Taeyeon. Isn't it? I don't know. I did some of my power on him but it will be gone once he wakes up.



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