♡ Honeymoon ♡

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WARNING: PG-13 ❤️💋💕

*This scenario was suggested by a reader*

You spent your honeymoon with Jeff in Japan! You stayed in a resort and visited a spa to relax yourself.

Back at the resort Jeff has been begging to have kids.

"Y/N? You ready for kids?"
Jeff smirked.

"Jeff? I don't think I'm ready yet."
you sighed, getting ready to take a bath.

"You said that before!"

"That's because we weren't married yet! Jeff! Just... I'm taking a bath. Don't you dare go in there and try anything! ANYTHING!" you hissed as you entered the bathroom.

Jeff was in bed, listening to music while you were in the tub.

Jeff is right. He always wanted to have sex without a condom and it looks like he wants me so bad... hmm.... you thought.

After rinsing off, you went to your closet which was near the bathroom and change into something kinky.

You slid the door open and leaned on the door frame.

Jeff's jaw dropped as he saw you in a sexy lingerie made of lace. And your pantyhose was just so sexy.

You smirked and bit your lips seductively as you made your way to him.

He was like a dog, wanting his treat. And a cat, wanting his fish.

(If ya know what I mean ;-))

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