You wake up, tired as hell, you get dressed putting on your target work top and a pair of pale blue jeans, you do your hair just brushing it through then you go to wake up your best friend Dana, you knew how much of a cow she can be when you wake her up but it had to be done, you walked in seeing Mikey your other best friend sitting on the sofa,

"Morning Mikey!"

"Morning y/n! What you doing?"

"Going to wake dana up..."

"She gonna be moody"

"I know but it has to be done"

You walked in and saw se had been out most of the night as she was in her little black partying dress, you laughed and decided to do this the hard way, you walked out her room and into the kitchen filling up the tub in the sink full of icy cold water,

You walked into her room and tipped it over her, dana screamed and fell out of her bed,


"Someone was out drinking last night! Meet anyone?!"

"Yeah, he was gonna come home with me but stuff happened"

"Hmm,well get changed and get ready!"

You walked out of her room and smiled at Mikey, he laughed and saw that you had the bowl in your hands,

"You didn't."

"Aha, yes I did,"

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