"Do you love me joe?" I asked joe, as he violently maked out with the wall. Yeah he has a thing with walls I guess.

"Uhhhhhhh not yet I just like fucking you when I can. But maybe because your is craic." He pointed out, glaring at me. I rose my hands up in surrender, "Can't help it." I shrugged.

"Hey didn't you say you had a song to sing?" H easked, back up from the wall.

"Yep." I nodded grabbing my guitar out of my pocket.

"I like meatballs, I painted it back like my soul. Poor Don died, just from a heart. ooooh what can I do nothing in this world can bring me to the bae! But oh! I like french bread, Joe is a jerk." I finished strumming my guitar randomely.

"Wow i love it, lets make out." Joe said while stalking closer.

"wait i gotta make it rock and roll." I warned before smashing my guitar on his head, then the floor.

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