Chapter 3

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"shit! I'm ganna be late!" I rushed to my dresser and grabbed a shirt and pants. I slipped the shirt on fast and pulled on my jeans with a little struggle. Luckily I wear nothing but black jeans, they match everything. I look at my clock...8:15 a.m. I ran outside to my car and drive like crazy. I turned on the radio for a little bit to calm down.

"Now let's listen to Ginos 7:20 birthday hour! Happy birthday to little Elizabeth who turned six today!" I sat and listened to the endless names that they announced until, "Hey stupid! Its 7:23, not 8:23. Clare changed the time on your alarm again." I sat there for a while and finally realized what Bruce said.

        . . .

"God damn it Clare!" I said. I started driving into the school parking lot, already devising how to get her back.

I've been living with Clare and her mom for two years now. My parents were murdered.

I was there, but I can't remember anything from that day. They found me in the house with cuts all over my arms and legs, hiding under my bed. They never found out who the murderer was, but for a while, they thought it was me. It couldn't be me. I loved my parents. I still do. I always will even if they're gone. I miss them. They called Clare's mom and I've been living with them ever since then. Clare and I have always been close, so it was easy not to feel awkward. For the first couple of months, I stayed in my room. Ever since I started living with them, Clare changes my alarm on the first day of every school year. I went into the class and Clare was already asleep. Rosa-Lee was sitting there with her ear buds in. I quietly went really close to her and scared the living crap out of her!

She jumped up and kicked me really hard. It hurt of course, bit I didn't want to admit that.

I sat next to her and just started drumming on my desk.

Every once and a while I would look over at Rosa-Lee. "She's so pretty" I thought to myself. Rosa-Lee was 5'7", she had medium length dark brown hair, very pretty light brown eyes, and the most beautiful smile. She was an angel. "Your so pretty" I said. I looked at her and she took out her head phones. I don't think she heard me! Damn it! the one time I grow the balls to tell her that!

Clare finally woke up! As her and Rosa talked I raped her curls. I know that sounds bad but its not! I swear! I noticed that some guy walked in. He seemed like the kind of guy I'd get along with. Maybe I'll recruit him into our group later.

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