Chapter 26

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Weeks passed and I had settled into a new job.

I made friends with my roommates and I was actually starting to enjoy London a lot.

I woke up early this Sunday morning, my other three roommates left for work early and I was the only one today not working.

I made a coffee and turned on the TV, E! news was what came in first so I stuck with it and continued watching.

"And from the whole boy band theme it seems as if bassist Calum Hood from worldwide famous band 5 Seconds of summer hasn't been coping with his split from Eva Green as well as we expected to."

I was angry at the news report but I was intrigued to find out more so I turned it up a little and sipped delicately at my coffee.

"The 24 year old has been reported to have left different Australian night clubs each night but with a different girl... A while back the 5sos lads got angry at fans for claiming they slept with groupies even though they were in serious relationships but now that serious relationship is off and Calum's back on the market the groupie expectation has returned and this time it looks like for real."

I sighed in frustration as pictures of Calum showed up on the screen and right enough every night he left with a new girl.

He was never like that, he was always, always, always committed. We were no longer in a relationship and I respect his motion of moving on but seriously? He was never one for one night stands let alone seven in one week. 

I sure as hell wasn't over him and seeing these pictures made avert thing so much worse.

If it wasn't for me he wouldn't be like that.

I assumed though that by his rebellious act of sleeping around he'd come by my place and got the letter and ring.

Clearly though he didn't want me so I just had to persuade myself I didn't need him.

I sat back on the sofa after changing the channel and thought, in some ways you could say I was almost thankful for what had happened. The whole situation made me realise that our love, although it felt real, was almost nothing. It had been less than thee weeks and already Calum felt the need to sleep around with other people, would he of done that if he was with me? Has he done it when he was with me? Situations like this really make you think...

Maybe you don't know the people around you after all. 

One two minute news report was enough to show me that Calum Hood is not the Calum Hood I love and care about. Calum Hood is a 24 year old punk with ripped jeans and a thing for girls. He went from having a secure family to having almost nothing.

But how I do want to be back home in Australia. I miss him terribly and I don't want to see him mess up his life, although I was the very person who made him do exactly that. 

All of this was my fault, i should never have left the way I did. I was a coward, a miserable coward with nothing but three people who I call friends yet they know absolutely nothing about me. 

Who was I kidding when I said I was ready to move to London? I don't like change and Australia to London is quite easily the biggest change you could possibly get. 

But then for Calum, going from having a fiance and nearly kids to having an empty house and nobody...that was also a massive change. 

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