Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

"Ashton? What are you doing here?" I shouted running up, he turned round and looked at me sympathetically.

"I told you, I'm waiting in my Mum."

"You haven't...seen Eva have you?"

He nodded his head and I bent over trying to catch my breath, "Which way did she go?"

"Cal I'm sorry, she's already left."

"What do you mean she's already left? She can't have, not yet that's not how it works." I shouted, "She never actually went through with it did she? Tell me you're kidding and she's sitting behind a chair or something waiting."

"I'm sorry."

"Did you even try and stop her? Did you even try stop the girl of my dreams from flying halfway across the world?"

"I never but what she said was true, she said everything was up to fate now...if you guys are drawn together then it's meant to be but if you're not then it this was for the best Calum."

"Whatever." I shrugged, flinging my hand away and turning round. "I don't need your poetic fate shit."

I could hear him shouting after me but I continued to walk away back to my car.

I was nothing without her.

Absolutely nothing.

She was my whole entire world, I couldn't function without her and I knew it.

I didn't know how to feel, angry? Sad? Everything was just running through my mind at once and I was an emotional wreck to be completely honest.

Everything i ever had was lost in the space of a week.

I slammed in the accelerator and sped home, I didn't care of the dangers right now and that was even after what happened. Without Eva I couldn't give two flying fucks about what happened to me.

I'd never find anybody like her. She was one in 10 billion and so rare. I was lucky to have her and even so I still managed to loose her.

I was a fucking idiot.

When I got home I kicked the door shut and looked about in anger.

The wall. Was the first thing.

I kicked it.

I punched it.

I grabbed it thinking I could pull it apart but nothing happened, only the slightest feel of satisfaction.

I shoved past it and slammed my fist into the glass mirror.

It shattered into tiny little pieces around my feet, a bit like my emotions to be honest.

Blood trickled down and I winced in pain but I wasn't finished, I swiped at the dishes waiting to be put away and smashed them on the ground.

The rush of adrenaline I got from doing that was indescribable.

I continued smashing up the place until I came across something I couldn't.

I held it delicately in my hands and traced over the beauty.

Inside a silver flower pattern engrave photo frame sat a picture of Eva and I not long after we met. I'd taken her to New York with us on tour and the two of us went to the Empire State Building.

It was a cold winter day and were both wrapped up snugly in our beanies and gloves, she had her scarf on and her little nose was still red.

She looked beautiful that day, I remembered it so clearly.

It was the day I asked her to be my girlfriend, we took a picture together with the city skyline behind us. My arm was around her shoulder and her head was lying in the crook of my kneck. She thought it was a typical best friend selfie because that was all we were at that point but as soon as I was bout to take the picture she I leant forward and kissed the top if her head.

She questioned what I had done and I asked her there and then.

She was so happy.

The happiest I'd ever seen her at that point.

A smile crossed my face as I thought back to it.

God damn this was going to be hard.

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