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I blew out a breath as I searched through Angela's diary, trying to find any clue about her disappearance.

But I came up with nothing.

A irritated sigh escaped my lips as I threw it on the floor. "This is fućking pointless."

"No, it's not."

I didn't even jump at her voice anymore because I had gotten so used to it. I turned to face her, only to find her lying on my bed, her legs up in the air, kicking back and forth. "Your weird entrance ways are getting annoying."

I looked away just as she lifted her hips up making her do a candle-stick. "I like to be sneaky."

"I must admit that you have got to be the most frustrating girl ever." I grinned while laying back against the beanbag chair. "Your diary is pointless."

Angela glanced at me for a second before throwing her legs over her head and moving so she was lying on her stomach. "Well, when you're looking for Estrela evidence then that would be pointless, yeah. Look for something else, Nathan."

I shook my head while grabbing the diary once again. "I am positive that she is the one behind all of this. My instinct is telling me this."

"Instincts can be proven wrong. We can't always be right, and I am telling you that it's pointless. Leave my sister out of this."

I rolled my eyes. "Nope. I would understand if you were the real Angela, but since you're not and just my subconscious then no. I am not going to leave her out of this, I will prove that she did this."

"You don't know whether she did it or not. So why are you so reluctant on the kidnapper being her?"

"Because I don't know who else to blame!" I snapped finally. "I have no clue of who could be behind this. I'm fućking clueless. If I don't find someone to blame soon enough then I don't know what I'm going to do."

Angela smiled softly at me. "I get it."

I gave her a smile back, ignoring the flutter in my stomach. "What are we going to find out today?"

"Something shocking."


I am standing at the party that is hosted at Jeremy Fransher's house. At least I think that's his name.

I don't know everyone's names at the school.

Besides, Cierra invited me, so I decided to come.

I gulp down the beer that tastes awful. Slowly. I need courage to tell her what I have been dying to tell her for more than about two weeks.

The truth is that Ted and I have been going out for weeks. Nothing is serious. We just go on dates, almost like friends. He wants it to be something more, but I tell him no every time. Because I don't want it to be serious. I still want my firsts to be with the one.

That sounds so cliché.

Well, if you don't count the dates. But in my opinion a real date is when the guy walks you to your door. Maybe even kisses your cheek or lips. During the date, he will give you small compliments, smile, talk. He will even try to warm you up when you're feeling cold.

Ted hasn't done any of that, which is why I only see him as a friend.

I want to friend-zone him without hurting his feelings.

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