I woke up with a pounding headache. I groaned as the sun came through the window. Why did I have to drink so much last night? Now I would have to pay the price.

I opened my windows and waited for my eyes to adjust to the light. When they did I realised that I wasn't in my own room. I was in a strange room I had never seen before. I looked around, my heart beating fast. Where am I?

I felt bare so I lifted up the blanket to see that I was completely naked. "Fuck!" I swore.

I immediately got up and found my dress from last night on the floor. I picked it up and slipped it back on. My heart was pounding and I felt like I was going to faint at any moment. I did it... And I couldn't remember who with!

I found my phone on the floor and picked it up. I dialled Natasha's number as fast as I could.

"NATASHA!" I shouted when she finally picked up.

"Leah?" She groaned, sounding like she had just woken up.

"I just woke up and I'm in this random house and I'm in the bed naked and I don't know what happened I must have done it but I don't know who with and-"

"Oh my god! I'll be there in 5!" She cut me off.

I sat back down on the bed, trying to remember the events of last night. I remembered drinking and then seeing Aiden and hiding from him. And then I remembered somebody taking me up to the room I was in now... Tyde!

Oh my god! I must have done it with Tyde!

It would have to be Tyde because I don't remember talking to anyone else.

But I couldn't be sure.

I was panicking as I waited for Natasha to come pick me up. She messaged me saying she was outside and I quickly walked downstairs to see a huge mess. I ignored it and walked out the of the house where I saw Natasha's car. I got in.

"Oh my god Leah! You look like a mess!"

"Natasha I think I did it with Tyde!"


"I think I had sex with Tyde last night!"

"What?! Oh my god!"

"I can't remember anything! I only remember him taking me up to the room!" I panicked.

"Okay, just relax Leah. Call him now and ask him."

"No! I'm not doing that!" I would rather die that ask Tyde that.

"Well then you'll never know!" Natasha said.

"Oh my god I can't believe this! I wanted my first to be with someone I loved, someone special. Not while I was drunk with someone I can't even remember." I felt like crying.

Natasha looked at my sympathetically. "Hey, it's okay Leah." She said and leaned in to hug me.

The ride to my house was silent. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I should have never gone to that stupid party in the first place.

We got to my house and I said goodbye to Natasha and promised to call her later.

I walked inside the house and saw Luke watching TV. His eyes widened when he saw me.

"What the hell happened to you?!" He got up and walked over to me, examining me. I knew I probably looked horrible but I couldn't care less.

I couldn't hold it anymore. I broke down and started crying. Luke wrapped his arms around me. I sobbed onto his chest and he rubbed my back.

When I finished crying Luke looked at me worriedly. "What's wrong?"

I tried to think of a good excuse. I could not tell Luke what had actually happened. I would rather die than tell him.

"Um I- I've just been really sick all night. Throwing up and stuff." I lied.

"Did Natasha's mum look after you?" He asked and I frowned but then realised I had told him I was sleeping over at Natasha's house.

"Uh yeah. But I'm feeling better now. I'm just really tired."

"Well you should go sleep. By the way I'm really sorry for yesterday. I know I've been a dick lately and I'm sorry."

"It's okay Luke." I said and hugged him before walking upstairs to my room.

I pulled out my phone. I needed to talk to Tyde and find out the truth.


He replied straight away.

Sorry babe I'm busy

I replied back, ITS IMPORTANT


I quickly changed out of my dress and tried to brush my hair.

I told Luke I was going to the shops to get some medicine before getting into my car and driving to Starbucks.

When I got there I took a seat and waited for Tyde. He came in a couple of minutes later and took a seat across from me.

"What was so important that you had to make me come so quickly?" He said, slightly irritated.

"It's about... Last night."

"What about it?"

"First of all did I say or do anything embarrassing yesterday?"

He smirked, "you called me Tydey and told me I looked hot. Then you told me that you liked the kiss."

I blushed. "I was drunk."

"Have you ever heard that a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts?"

I ignored him, "did I do anything else?"

"Well you wanted me to kiss you," he said.

"What?!" My eyes widened. "Did you?"

He scratched the back of his head, "well yeah you wanted me to and you said you would only let me take you home if I kissed you."

I groaned and put my head in my hands.

"Well this has been nice but I really have to go," Tyde said.

"Wait! Did we..." I trailed off.

"Did we what?"

"Did we...you know," I tried to explain but he just frowned.


I sighed, "Did we do it?" I said emphasising the 'it'

"Um" he trailed off, looking at the floor.

"yeah kinda." He said nervously.

my heart droped.

I looked at him in disbelief, I didn't know Tyde could be that low.

"What?! Are you serious? Oh my god! You took advantage of me! I knew it was you this morning but I kept telling myself he wouldn't do that! But you did! I can't believe you! That was my first! I wanted it to be special and you fucking ruined it!" I shouted, not caring if anyone was looking at me.

This can't be happening.

"Goodbye Tyde I hope I never see you again." I stood up and stormed out of Starbucks without looking back. I felt tears form in my eyes. I couldn't believe Tyde had done that. I felt the tears stream down my face.

Luke was right all along. Tyde was trouble and I should have stayed away from him.

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