Tiffany's POV

I end up crying I wipe my tears and stand up I hear some knock I hurry to open it , It was Austin " Hey ! Pumpkin " he said and smirk " I'm fine Au-" I cut off my words and repeat what I was saying " I'm fine master " I made a fake smile He entered the room and throw me on the bed his kissing in a hard way " Kiss back " he said well I try to kiss back and I made it perfectly and now his on my neck through my jawline I moan a little

His taking off my t-shirt and un clasp my bra his hands are on my boobs literally I didn't know what his doing but I think I love it his sucking my boobs " Master ! " I moan now his on my pants he take it off and my pantie too " Pumpkin I have to do my magic to you okay " he said and I nodded his point finger and index finger are insert on me I was shock in this minute it's hurting me " Master ! " I moan he keep thrusting his fingers

" Your so wet Pumpkin " he said and smirk suddenly the hurt feeling turn into a spark " Faster " I said " Huh ? " He said I know he want me to beg just to do it "faster your fingers " I said " well okay pumpkin " he said and thrusting his finger again " it's time to suck me pumpkin " he said I stand up and now his sitting on the edge of the bed , actually I am a horny person too when I was free in my phone I have a wattpad account I read dirty fictions but only on one direction I am a directioner you know other directioner is horny too just like when it comes to 1D only not with Austin I zipped his pants taking off his pants and boxer and under wear Gosh it's so big is this fits in my mouth ? I never been see a dick before I wish I can see one directions dick but probably not back into the reality I touch his dick my hands are up and down I hear his moans " Pumpkin ugh yes " he moaned I make it faster " Suck me " he said so I did it I suck him wow his dick fits on my mouth I make it faster he moaned loudly and that's reason why I make even faster " Ugh yes ugh that's good " he moaned until he get me

He insert his dick with condom to me I moan or I mean I scream louder " Master ! " I scream he make it faster " your pussy good " he said he keep on doing his job and I kept on moaning

So this is my newest life and I have to accept it and let my story begins ....

I know it was short but thank for the votes and comment I am surprise because it's only 4 chapters but the vote is 39 thanks for the effort guys don't forget to read my other story it's Devil Owner and my other stories is Dark Immortal , Secret Mysteries , Mystery you , Cindy Mandy that stories are on my other account , this is my account TwinkleSugarphum that's me so

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