Chapter 10: Bus Breakdown

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The first thing I did the next morning was take a cold shower. It was so hot here in Las Vegas, that I didn't even want to get out but I had too.

"Morning Lexi," I thanked god that Alexa was already awake and I didn't have to struggle to wake her up. While Alexa took a shower, I decided I would get ready.

My manger came and told me we had about an hour before we were off to our next stop. I was bummed that I couldn't go sight seeing but I understood that we had to go. Once Lexi came out and got ready, it took most of our hour already so we had to pack up everything. We took our bags to the lobby and waited for all the buses to arrive.

Finally all the buses came and we were escorted by security to the buses. There were fans everywhere. I held on to Alexa's hand and to the security's shoulder. We were being mobbed. Fans were screaming and throwing questions around everywhere.

"Hi Ariana!" "Ariana I love you!" "Ariana please take a picture with me?!" "Ariana you better stay away from Justin!"

I almost laughed hearing the last one. Of course I wasn't going to date Justin, I'm in a relationship for gods sake. I mentally rolled my eyes.

A sigh of relief washed over me when we reached my tour bus. Alexa and I quickly got in and shut the door.

"Hey Genisis, how are you?" I greeted my bus driver.

"Good afternoon! I'm alright I had a good nights sleep and I'm ready for the busy day today," she said referring that she had to drive for most of today. I laughed and walked back to the living room area. I threw myself to the couch dramatically.

"Those fans are crazy!" Alexa did the same on the other couch.

"I guess...but all they want is to meet their idol," I sighed.

"Yeah that's true, did you hear what that last fan told you?" Alexa questioned.

"Yeah...ugh it makes me so angry! Don't they understand I'm in a relationship and I'm happy!"

"Woah Ari, breathe. Now you have to understand that they all love Justin, they don't want to see him hurt and basically want him to themselves," Lexi explained.

"That's true but what bothers me so much is that they should have some respect to my relationship with Jai," I closed my eyes and tried to calm down.

"I'm gonna take a nap," Alexa said getting comfortable on the couch.

"But you basically just woke up!"

"Hey you can't blame me, it's too hot and there's nothing to do so why not. Plus you know I love my sleep," she laughed and turned around. I decided I

would do the same.


I was woken up when we came to an abrupt stop that literally made me roll off the couch. Crap. Alexa sat up stretching and eyeing me weirdly while I was standing up.

"Why are you on the floor?" She asked.

"Oh you know just because the hard floor is much more comfy than the couch," I scoffed.

"Oh right," Alexa played along.

"Wait what the hell was that?" I was about to go and ask our driver Genesis when she walked right through the door with a worried expression.

"What's wrong what happened?"

"I'm so sorry Ariana, the tour bus just broke down and we have no idea why. It's okay though because I called Scooter and he said the nearest bus will come for you guys while I stay here with the mechanic," she explained.

"Don't worry it's not your fault it'll be fine," I smiled and began to gather my things. We decided we would wait for the bus to come for us outside since it was so hot and we didn't have air conditioner anymore. We were literally standing in the middle of nowhere.

Oh dear lord when is this bus getting here?

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