Sleeping beauty

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Brrzzzz BRRzzzz BRRZZZZ.

I hear a quiet bang and open my eyes, seeing Toms arm above me, his hand on the top of the alarm clock. His hand stays there for a moment, before his arm loosens and drapes over me. I look at him, his eyes still closed and his mouth open a little. He tilts his head and buries his face in his pillow, exhaling loudly. I turn on my side and watch him for a few moments, before reaching forwards and twirling one of his curls between my fingers. I muffled laugh escaped toms mouth, and his arms tighten around me, pulling my body closer to him as he turns on his side.

I giggle and kiss his forehead, smiling. He smiles also and I brush my fingers through his hair.

'Wake up sleeping beauty' I whisper, poking his nose. He purses his lips and I roll my eyes.

'Really?' I laugh, looking at him.

'Sleeping beauty can only be awoken by true loves kiss' he says, closing his eyes tight and pouting his lips more.

I sigh and lean forward. My lips hover near his and as I am about to kiss him, I kiss his nose before sitting up.

'Ugh, TEASE.' He says, looking at me. I giggle and toss a pillow at him, getting out of bed. I walk over to my bag and grab a pair of shorts and a loose shirt just to pull on for breakfast. I pull the shirt over my head and bend down to pull on my shorts..

'OOF!' I gasp, feeling something hit my back. I stand up and look down at a large white pillow on the floor. I look up and see tom sat up on the bed, with his arms crossed and his lips still pouted. I pick up the pillow, and throw it back, hitting him again as I laugh.

He shakes his head and jumps out of bed, grabbing a pillow. He starts to move quickly towards me and I run to the other side of the bed, grabbing myself a pillow. He lunges forwards to hit me with the pillow, but I duck and swing mine, hitting his butt with it as I run to the other side of the bed. We look at each other and laugh, and he shifts towards the end of the bed, so I move to the other. He moved back, so I move the opposite way. Suddenly, he leans forwards and grabs my hand, pulling me across the bed as he hits me with the pillow softly. I curl up and laugh as he hits me again. He smiles at me, hovering over me on his hands and knees, before kissing my lips. He smiles against them and he brushes his fingers through my messy hair. He pulls back and smiles, looking into my eyes before we both giggle.

'Does sleeping beauty always need their morning kiss?' I ask, smiling at him.

'Well, it is recommended unless you want pillow fights every morning?' He says, smirking.

'Well then, I won't give you a morning kiss voluntarily until I beat you at a pillow fight!' I say, sitting up and placing the pillow back.

'How about we go and make breakfast?' He asks, straightening out the duvet.

I look up at him and smile, standing up properly and crossing my arms.

'That would be good. I'm starving!'


Short chapter, I know! Sorry guys ;-;

So, the next chapter is going to be THE LAST.

And you are going to have to make a tough decision ;)

Anyway, I'm not telling anyone a thing until it comes to it ;D

Seeya in a few days guys, where we meet the end!

Bina xx

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