meeting new people

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~~Aiko p.o.v~~

once levi lead me to my room I was last "here is your room "levi said and I walked "thank you very much" I told his as I start to take off my gear once I did that I turn to see Levi still there leaning on the door "can I help you corporal" I said as I put my gear on a chair and he walk closer to me and grab my chin with his fingers and he makes me look at him he look into my green eye "uh corporal what are you doing" I ask his face was know inches away from mine "your different" he whispered and he was about to come closer to my lip "ah shorty is about to kiss curvy"a female voice said and levi let go and leave and the girl from earlier today her name was hanji "curvy"I told her "yah because your body is curvy" she said as she was moving her hands at the same time" you perv"I said and close the door behind me and go to see the guys as I walk down the hall I see the guys there outside there door 'wait how come my door is far from miwa and niko'I though

"hey guy "I said as I ran up to them "hey aiko want to explore with us"niko said "yah let's go" I said and we walked out side people look at us because we are no part of there wall oh well we made it to the training ground "want to race" miwa said "is the corporal challenging me to a race" I said and he blush he hate it when I call him corporal "just race me and niko you will see who wins" miwa said and gets ready to run "ready set.  .  .  .  .go"niko said and me and miwa start to run and I passed them and know had to run 3 more lap so I run faster so miwa won't catch up to me final lap and I passed the finish line first then miwa finish last" I win" I said "then here is your reward" niko said and kiss me cheek like he alway does for some weird reson and miwa gets mad when he does that it make me laugh and I left them to fight they always fight but there still friends as I walk alone then I bump into someone "sorry" I said and I look to see a boy with brown hair and green eyes and another boy with blong hair(blong lol i mean blond hair duuu) and blue eyes "it's alright hey are you new here I haven't seen you here before"he said "yah kind of but I don't live in this wall I live in another wall"I told him "what that is not impossible there no other walls but this one"the boy with brown hair said "well you thought wrong" I said "wait how do we know your not lying to us"the blond said "-_-. . . how stupid are you" I said "Hey were not stupid" said the brown hair one "oh eren look at her uniform" the blond said and then the brown hair look at me up and down and blush "sorry I didn't notice your uniform" said the brown hair boy said "it's okay I am aiko lee"I said "oh I am eren and this is armin"the brown hair said and pointed to the blond "so do you really live in another walls"armin asked "yes I do and my corporal and commander are here as well" I said "what really" eren said "yes" I said "wherr are they" armin ask "probably finish fighting wait. . . . . . . no there still fighting" I said  and laughs a little bit and they just look at me like I was a puppy and then i started to walk away and i heard them talking again and i sighed as i walk i can see people looking at me and i just keep walking i knew by know miwa and niko would stop fighting and start to look for her if they dont get lost like she is right know and she siged again ( and yes she liked sighing a lot its fun okay :P ) and she walks and walks soon enough she was back at her room and she goes in and she see a dark figure there and she doesnt know who it was already dark out and i go to turn on the light but the figure oins me to the wall door and lockst the door and i was bout to scream but my mouth was shut my a pair of lips.


hey guys hre is my update i hope you like it i been really busy once i started highschool as a freashmean so i will try to update soon as possible

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