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Five days later

Ellen’s POV

I had called Louis for his birthday this morning, and we spoke for a while, he told me he would pick me up at six thirty and that was only minutes away, I had slipped into a white dress and a beige pair of heels, I grip my clutch when there is a knock at the door and slip my phone into it, grabbing  my keys I head to the door, when I open It im greeted by a nicely dressed Louis.

“Happy birthday.” I kiss his lips.

“Thank you.” He smiles, his eyes raking my body for a moment, “You look lovely.” I blush slight.

“Thank you.” I say as we watch each other.

“Shoulder we go?” I nod and lock the apartment, I meet him by the elevator as he holds it open, I step in and he follows pressing for the ground level, once we are there we leave the building and go to Louis’ car parked on the street he held my door open and I thank him as I take a seat, he jogs around the car in his black suit and opens his door before dropping in.

“You should us the garage instead of parking out on the street, pass me your phone.” I say and he pulls it out of his trouser pocket, I press the power button and punch the four digit code for the garage into his notes before handing it back to him, “And that’s the code.” He smiles and thanks me, “Also, I got you this.” I open my clutch that I chose specifically to keep his present in, I pull out the wrapped box and pass it to him, he observes it for a moment before looking at me.

“You didn’t need to get me anything.” I nod.

“I did, it’s your birthday.” He smiles leaning over and kissing me.


“You haven’t even opened it yet.” He laughs and starts to unwrap the box, trowing the paper in the back of his car before pulling open the cardboard and takes out the glass bottle.

“Cologne, you think I stink?” I smirk and I nod.

“Very much.” He smiles.

“Thank you.” He kisses my lips once more before placing the bottle back in the cardboard box and placing it in the glove box, “For safe keeping.” I smile, a short moment later he has started the car and we are on our way to where ever his mum has organised a birthday dinner for him, we arrive shortly after to my surprise at the place I work, I laugh slightly catching Louis’ attention. “What?” he asks looking at me grinning.

“I work here.” He raises an eye brow.

“You became a waitress again when you got here?” I nod, “Come one, everyone will be waiting.” We get out of the car and we started walking into the restaurant hand in hand, we spot an overly long table and head over to it, the only two seat vacant were in the middle of Jay and a small girl who I assume is Louis’ sister, we head to the table and are greeted by everyone, Harry greets Louis but of cause not me, Louis takes a seat beside his sister and I by his mum, I place my clutch in my lap as convocations are stuck, I talk to Johannah and she repeatedly tells me to call her Jay, im asked by Louis’ family and friends about the reason im in England, im sure before I told them I got here before Louis arrived back last week they all though I came here over a summer love. Soon we have all ordered a few of my co-workers cooing things in my ear about Louis and soon everyone has their meal, small talk is made while everyone is eating, Louis introduced me to his four younger sisters, the twins telling me I speak funny, Louis tells them that im Australian and they are trying to spark convocations with me to hear my accent. Louis finds out that him and a few of his mates are leaving straight from the restaurant in a car that has been organised and going to a few clubs in the city, Louis and I agreed I would take his car back to mine and he would collect it tomorrow some time. A lot of time has passed and a cake was served for dessert, the waitresses singing happy birthday to Louis, along with his family and friends and some of the other people in the restaurant, Louis and I kissed in front of his guests after the song thanks to peer pressure, our fingers intertwined under the table as we finished our dessert, whispering small things to each other for only our ears, I feel eyes on us.

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