Chapter 1

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( This story is all inSophie's POV)

Monday 14th August

OMG, Black Veil Brides are having a concert at London in October! I'm going, no doubt about that. Anyway I'm just on my phone looking at my favorite band...ever!

I'm at home with my brother, Jack, and my dad while my mum is at the hospital checking up on my nan since she's been quite sick lately.

I'm on my phone listening to BVB when the front door opens and my mum comes in with a glum and depression look on her face. I took out my earphones and asked her 'what's wrong.' At the moment it felt like my heart stopped and daggers have gone all over my body as she replied to my answer.

"Nan is dead"

I suddenly dropped my phone in shock and I didn't look at my phone I just stood there drifting into a pit of sorrow. How could have my nan died? Why would she leave us? I fell on my knees and and just stared at the floor while my mum came to me and hugged me as she wept for her mother.

Jack and dad came down stairs and looked at us.

" Whats happening?" my brother questioned and I looked at him with a blank expression on my face.

" Nannie is dead"

Everyone then came over to us and hugged me and mum while my dad, mum and brother sobbed for our beloved dead grandmother/ mum. I just lost track of time as I was still on the floor in my original state as I was 4 hours ago. By that time my whole family knew that my only elder is dead as I did not know any other of my elders. Why me, WHY ME!?!?!?!

Later on that evening I didn't eat anything instead I just lay on my bead listening to silence and how its enveloped us. I felt so numb, I just couldn't go to sleep.

Tuesday 15th August

Today we are going to start planning Nan's funeral so we can get rid of our sadness in our life's. Today was very quiet I have not been on my phone but I am listening to sad songs on my iPod all day and I haven't got out of bed so I haven't eaten anything or drunk anything.

1 WeekLater

Tuesday 22nd August

As my dad drives us four to the funeral, I just stare out the window not making a sound. Everyone has been crying about our loss except me and all my family has been asking me questions as to why I'm not crying and all I do is say nothing. I have rarely been out of my room, I have been drinking water and I only eat when my parents force me to but I would only eat like six bites which I know is not good but I don't care.

We got out of the car and walked up to the place where my nan is going to be for all eternity. At the moment I'm wearing a black vest top with a leather jacket and leather gloves. Also I'm wearing black ripped jeans with Doc Martins that have silver studs all over them and I'm wearing black eye liner. Very depressing. I'm standing out at the moment as all the women are wearing black dresses and men/boys are wearing tuxedos with black blouses. I have a bit of weight during the week as I'm a person who looses weight easily. So at the moment you can just see a faint outline of my ribs if you lifted up my vest but my faint six pack is still there.

Everyone had their eyes on my nan while I looked up to the sky noticing its going to rain as the clouds are black and grey just like my emotions. Suddenly there was a burst of thunder and then the rain. Knew it.

In two hours or so I saw my Nan, the woman who loved and cared for me and her family, a woman who makes my smile and love puzzles is gone but I know she will still be in my heart.

I really do hope no one else will die.

( Hey guys hope you like my first chapter ,  don't worry but Sophie will be happy at some part of the story . Bye!)

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