Nicole aka Nikki

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Name: Nicole

Age: 17

Height: 5"2

Sexuality: straight

Personally: she is very kind, sweet, gentle, motherly, shy, and nice. But she dose have a temper and she is very protective of Amy and Nathaniel. Also,she gets jealous easily. Also, she is very self conscious and disbeliefs anyone that say's she is pretty or anything like that.

Looks: Nicole is very attractive. She has long black curly hair that looks brown in sunlight, medium height, very skinny, fit, big brown eyes, tan skinned, perfect in every way of looks.

Clothing: she will wear anything to t-shirts and skinny jeans to a long or short dress. She will wear something purple because it is her favorite color.

Species: hybrid of a werewolf and a dragon, 1/3 goddess (( grandma is Aphrodite ))

Lover: Nathaniel

Special abilities: light elements, a secret power only she knows about

Family/Colven/Pack relationships: Mom is Ally, dad is Dirk, fiancé is Nathaniel, daughter is Amy, brother is Kyler, (( not really related to anyone else on this account ))

History-background: she was raised up right and was over protected by her twin brother, Kyler, he fought off everyone for her so she became extremely shy and never truly learned how to make friends. She learned she has light power's from her dad and is a white wolf like her mother. She has a secret power no one but her knows about and she is engaged to her only love and first boyfriend, Nathaniel. They have a little girl named Amy.

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