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Sure enough, five figures were scurrying out the back door of airport and seemed to running straight for Makenna's car.

"What?!" Mallory screamed in a hushed tone, somewhat confused and yet totally excited. "Why are they running towards us?"

The boys came nearer, dragging their suitcases along behind them.

"Should we do something?" Makenna said frantically.

"Hey, are we really going to object?" Katrina said with a laugh as she snapped pictures.

Harry reached the car first and wrenched open the door to the back seat, coming face-to-face with Mallory.

She was completely speechless, and apparently so was Harry. After a moment of silence, Harry sputtered out, "Whoa...um, you're not Gerald."

Mallory gathered up all the breath in her lungs that she could muster, and managed to squeak out, "What?"

The other four caught up to Harry, out of breath. They glanced at Harry, who still had not taken his eyes off Mallory, and, following his gaze, looked at Mallory as well.

"You're not Gerald," said Louis.

Katrina popped her door open and jumped out. "Who's Gerald?" She asked.

"Oh, Gerald's our chauffeur," Zayn said. "I'm sorry, it appears as though we've got the wrong car. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience."

"It's really no problem. Believe me," Makenna said as she climbed out of the car, still a little dazed herself.

Harry continued to look at Mallory without saying a word, and she could feel her heart beating faster and faster. Her eyes just couldn't get enough of him. From his beautiful, shining, white smile to the bits of his tattoos that peeked out from his muscle shirt to the perfect six pack of abs perfectly visible through the thin white fabric. It was just...perfect.

Harry seemed to snap out of his daze, so he stuck his hand out and said quickly, "Harry Styles. Although, not to sound snobbish, I assume you probably know that."

Mallory, still breaking out of the trance, laughed a little. "Yes, I do." She shook his hand politely, and could feel his warm and slightly sweaty palms. "It's um, it's really nice to meet you. Believe me, I've wanted to. For a really long time."

Harry chuckled. "Oh, so you're a fan? But you're my one of the psycho ones, right? The ones who buy my used toothbrushes off of eBay and know what size underwear I wear?"

Mallory laughed and shook her head, causing Harry to laugh even louder.

His laugh was nice. Like it had a deep, rumbling tone, but was beautiful too, like a violin. His laugh was like a symphony to my ears, like big, beautiful church bells. Mallory knew right then and there that all she wanted was to hear that laugh over and over and over again, for the rest of her life.

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