Dinner Date? (Part One)

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Lucy Heartfilia
Natsu picked me up and started running. This was surprising for obvious reasons, but in all honesty it was expected. He is the type of guy to just do the first thing that comes to mind.

I thought he would have pulled out a three course meal out of his jacket because....... he's him, but he didn't. But I can tell you that he has before. His jacket smells foul and...... well..... like spoiled food.

Natsu suddenly came to a screeching halt. He almost lost his grip on me...... he did. I feel on the floor and gave Natsu a 'I will kill you and your future children' look. To which he sheepishly waved his hand at.

He lent out his hand, which I grabbed and got to my feet. I looked around. This was a new area of the facility, and by new I mean it wasn't on the building layout map.

"Where are we?" I inquired while looking around.

"I don't know." Natsu said with his arms crossed in a casual manner. I looked at his as if he just said the stupidest thing, because he did.

"Why are we here?" I asked, still confused. His signature smile appeared on his face while a playful snicker escaped his mouth..... nani....

"Food. Hunger. You." Natsu said as if that would clear everything up, it didn't.

"Descriptive." I exclaimed sarcastically. He was pushing my buttons, and he knew it.

"STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK! ITS CWEEPY, no.... ITS SPOOPY!" Natsu said in a childish manner, because he is a child.

"But in all seriousness, follow me." Natsu stated, his voice turning deep and raspy. I raised my eyebrow, is he planning on murdering me?

Natsu let out an impatient sigh and grabbed my hand. He started walking to a door, an unlabeled door.... nope. Not today. Haha peace out bish ✌🏻.

Opening the door, he revealed..... a ROOM! Dun dun dunnnn! But it was an empty room. A single light that did a crappy job at illuminating the room.

"I'm not in the mood to be murdered, so peace out mother father." I said sarcastically. Natsu scratched his head in a embarrassed manner.

"Heh heh..... this is the wrong room....." He said while fiddling his fingers. I looked at him, he took two steps backwards.

"ITS NOT MY FAULT THAT THE ROOMS ARENT LABELED! PLEASE SPARE ME!!!" Natsu yelled in pure fear. How is he a secret agent or whatever?

He then shuffled to the room on the other side of the hall, sheepishly pointing at it. I sighed and walked over.

"Are you gonna open the door, or just stand there like a dummy?" I said while poking his side. He laughed then immediately stopped, quickly opening the door while I processed what just happened.

"Oh my...."




He's ticklish. Hahahahahaha, revenge.

Before I could do anything, he picked me up and 'threw' me in the room.

I looked around as he entered the room and closed the door. It was a room (no duh), well lit, and...... it smelled like..... roses? Of course there was a smell of food, but the less obvious smell was roses.

"What is this?" I asked while gesturing to the room. He scratched his head and looked away, as if he was embarrassed.... huh.

"..... dinner..... food....... hunger....... you...... me........" Natsu said 'nonchalantly'.

"So...... a dinner date?" I asked while raising my eyebrow. He got flustered and looked away with a huff. Huh.

"Natsu~ Is this a dinner date?~" I teased, which made him blush even more.

"Call it whatever you want, it's dinner." He said with his back to me, obviously hiding his emotions. I smirked at the flustered man in front of me.

"I'll consider it a dinner date then."

His body tensed, but in a happy way. Natsu turned to face me, his arms crossed and head looking anywhere but my eyes.

"Ok...... you said it was a dinner date so I suppose it's a dinner date. You said it not me!" Natsu said while pointing an accusing finger at me. I rolled my eyes at his stupidity.

"..... so what now?" I asked, genuinely not knowing. Natsu froze, and then gave the most mortified shrug I've ever seen. Great.

"Ummm...... so..... right.......... yeah......... I didn't think this through. Shocking, I know." Natsu sarcastically said. He looked at the door, thinking something that would make me regret EVERYTHING.

"Ughhhhhh.......... GILDARTS KNOWS WHAT TO DO!!! I WILL BE RIGHT BACK!!!" Natsu yelled while throwing the door open, and leaving me alone.


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