Brewing Other Things Besides Potions

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The moon was high up in the night sky with stars floating all around. I was soundlessly asleep in my dorm with five other girls and I remember having a nightmare that night. In my dream, I was in a white tower walking down a spiraling white staircase in a white dress. Before me, stood a dark figure who had his back turned to me and was walking out of the tower; he was wearing all black. I followed him not saying anything at all until someone grasped my hand. I turned back to look at who was holding my hand and it appeared to be my father. He was telling me to not follow the other man. Then my mother came down the white staircase and told me the same, be filial, don't follow him dear. I watched the other man exit the building as I was being held back by my parents. I don't know who this was, but my heart was aching as I watched him leave. He turned and looked back at me, but his face was shadowed. He reached out his hand to me, but before I can react, I'm awoken.

My blanket which was lying on top of me was now on the floor. I sat up and rubbed my eyes before pulling my blanket up from the ground and on the bed again. Then I realized that the our dorm's door was opened and there was light shining through. I scanned our room, but everyone was still asleep so I grabbed my wand off a desk next to my bed. As soon as I turned to grab my wand, the lights went out. I slowly approached the door and peeked out of our dorm. The only thing downstairs was the common room, but it was very silent down there. I would admit that I was quite afraid at this point; somebody had to be pulling my leg.

"Lumos." Light appeared at the tip of my wand and I began slowly and quietly down into the common room. I walked down the stairs one by one soundlessly and entered the empty room below. Nobody seemed to be around. I circled the room checking below the tables and behind the couches for anyone that could have been lurking around at this hour.

There was no sign of any presence down in the common room so I shrugged and started back up the stairs. As I set my foot on the very first step, I feel arms wrap around both of my own arms and a hand is cupped over my mouth. I drop my wand and it falls onto the ground next to me before getting dragged and thrown onto the couch in front of the fireplace. I squeal and scream, but the hand cupped over my mouth muffles my voice and makes it hard to even breathe.

"Merlin's Beard, calm down Viola!" A familiar voice whispered through the dark. I stop struggling and listened to the voice that just spoken. The hold on me has also soften since I had stopped trying to break free.

"Fred?" I say softly as I pulled the hand off my lips. The fire in the fireplace suddenly turns on and I quickly roam my eyes around the room. There were the intruders, the Weasley twins. I was pinned down on the couch by Fred and George and one of them was tucking their wand away.

"What are you two doing in the Hufflepuff house for? You can get in trouble!" I said softly again, but a little louder than before.

"Shhh!" George said. "We needed to tell you something."

"And we kind of need your help, mate." Fred said. I sat up on the couch as the twins both come in closer to me.

"My help? For what? What are you two up to again?"

Fred and George snicker before continuing in unison, "Aging Potion."

"What?!" I say loudly forgetting that it was late into the night and there were two Gryffindors in the Hufflepuff room.

"Shhh!" The twins retort back at me.


I don't know how Fred and George talked me into this, but before I knew it, the three of us were trailing into Professor Snape's room. We stood by the door and all looked at each other. Fred took out his wand and says in a whisper, "Alohomora." The door unlatches and the door softly swings open.

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