Ron's Pov ,

I was chillin at the trap with my niggas , Fizz , & Lloyd , when Chris walked in he mugged the hell out of me .

" Ron man what's up you ain't said shit since you got here "

Fizz asked.

" Nothin man I'm just going through a lot right now . "

I put my head in my hands .

" Pussy ass nigga "

Chris mumbled but I heard him clearly , my head shot up .

" Speak up if you got some shit to say , say it louder nigga . "

He kissed his teeth .

" I said you a Pussy Ass Nigga , you hit my fuckin girlfriend and busted India's head , who the fuck beats on a female , India don't need yo bumb ass "

" Nigga last time I checked you beat Rihanna's ass . So if I was you I would shut the fuck , because the shit you sayin is making you sound so dumb right now and you don't even know it , mind yo fuckin business , and stop worrying about me sand India's . You phony ass muthafucka "

He sat quiet exactly .

" Fizz and Lloyd let me talk to y'all real quick ."

We walked into my office .

" Wassup ? "

They asked sitting down .

" Y'all can't tell no one this iight ?"

They nodded .

" The day India went to the hospital ... I went to go see her ... She was yelling at me and shift and then in mid sentence she stopped talking and started to crying ... Her stepfather walked into the room ... And "

I broke down , crying .

" He fuckin rapped her in front of me and he was strapped and I wasn't so I sat there and fuckin watched her get rapped I WATCHED HER ! This is all my fucking fault yo "

They were pissed too , India was always like a sister to them .

" What's his name ? "

Fizz asked .

" Brian Gibbson "


Crystal's Pov ,

5 months later ,

" Crystal "

I looked at Steven .

" Mhm ? "

" Did you just hear me ? "

I shook my head no .

" What's up with you ? "

I shrugged my shoulders .

" Nothin don't worry about it "

I mumbled , rolling my eyes . Ever since last month he's been all in my business asking me , where am I going , what time imma be back , who do I be texting , like give me some space damn .

" Yo since you got an attitude I think that's my cue for me to go . "

I kissed my teeth .

" Bye nigga I don't care "

I rolled my eyes .

" iight bet , when I come back you and your shit better be gone "

He walked out the house slamming the door . I ain't going nowhere he gonna have to physically remove my ass , and that ain't goin down without a fight .

I decided to give India a call .

Me : Hello ?

India : Hey .

Me : What you doing ?

India : Nothin , why ?

Me : Can we go somewhere and talk ?

India : Yeah I would like that ...

I smiled .

Me : Meet me at Apple Bee's in an hour .

India Pov ,

" You know what Ron ? Fuck you "

I rolled my eyes . Two months after I got raped Ron started to come home late , I rarely got to see him , and when I did he only asked me how my day was . There's no love anymore , on the days I just want to be held and I needed a shoulder to cry on , he always had some shit better to do and I'm sick of it . I have needs too and he's not providing them so I might as well leave .

" Fuck me really ? After all the shit I did for you ! I was there when nobody else was ! So fuck me ? No fuck you ! "

He yelled in my face .

" That was then , What About Now ?!"

I spit back .

" You always want shit your way or no way "

" Your Never Home ! I Stay Up Till 3 o'clock In The Morning Waiting On Your Bumb Ass To Come Home , And When I Finally Get To See You , You Barley Say 2 Words To Me . All I Asked You To Do Was Be There For Me , Today Is The Day Of My Mothers Passing , And You Obviously Have Better Shit To Do , You Treat The Bitches On The Streets Better Than You Treat Me , The One That's Been Down For You Since Day One ! Your Nothing But A Fucking Pussy ! "

I slapped the shit out off him . He pushed me .

" Hit me again and see what happens .. "

He looked mad af but I didn't care .

" You ain't gonna do shit "

I slapped him again . He grabbed me by my neck and slammed me into the wall . He was chocking me and I clawed at his hands . My feet were dangling and I couldn't breathe .

" I told you don't FUCKIN touch me !"

He finally dropped me and I fell to the floor gasping for air as tears streamed down my face .

" You promised me , you wouldn't hurt me anymore . I can't do this anymore . I'm sorry I wasn't good enough for you "

I went to the closet grabbing my duffle bag , I stuffed all my shit in my bag .

" You're just like my father , so fuckin controlling , you don't give af about no but yourself . "

He just looked at me . I dropped my shit and went downstairs . Since he did damage to me Imma do damage to . I grabbed my bat . I broke the glass coffee table , the window , the flat screen tv . Anything that could get broken , was .


Ron pushed me .

" Leave me alone I hate you "

I can tell that hurt him because he got madder .

" You hate me ? Hoe fuck you that's why this whole fuckin time I was cheating on yo ass , you just was to dumb to realize it , yo loose ass pussy , I guess yo " step father " wore that shit out , Get Out My Damn House Now !"

I bursted out crying .

" I can't believe you just said that ... When you watched him rape me . I wish I never met you "

I grabbed my shit before leaving the house speeding down the road until a red car slammed into me . My vision started to blur , then I was out .


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