Authors Note PLEASE READ!!!

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OK you guys are the most amazing readers, and you reached my goal for last chapter so i started writing chapter 19 but i have major writers block and cant think of a place for there date if you would like to help out just pm me i'll dedicate the chapter to you, and where ever the date is it has to be formal, so i have most of the chapter done up until they leave her house but i still havent written any of the date would you guys like me to just post the first part or would you like to wait for the whole thing please tell me in either comments or pm me.

Also i'd say this book may have about 10 or so chapters to go but it may also be longer depends how i feel so this is my first book btw if you guys didnt already know, and if you guys want any spin offs please request them and tell me who you want them to be about otherwise i'm doing a completely different book after this more of a bad boy book any who im so sorry and you guys are amazing.


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