It was 4pm and we were all getting ready for the concert.

I was wearing my black disco pants, a black Bardot top and my pink hollister denim jacket. I also paired it with a pair of white and silver adidas superstars.

My hair was straightened and I had slightly curled the bottom using a curling wand. Now for make up, my favourite part. I applied concealer, foundation, powder, blusher, contour and highlight for my face. For my eyes I did a neutral smokey eye with a bit of gold. I applied my beloved bobbi brown eyeliner and then my Two faced better than sex mascara. Finally I lined my lips with macs soar and applied the lip tint I had brought at the airport.

Skye was wearing the hollister top the vamps had signed, light denim shorts which were mid thigh length, white converse and her collection of leather bracelets on her right arm.

She had put her long light blonde hair in a doughnut bun on top of her head. her makeup was similar to mine except she had no eyeshadow and and a lip all instead of lip stick.

Lucy was wearing a light mint green skater skirt with a white crop top. Her dark blonde hair was straightened and she was also wearing white vans. She had pretty basic make up on. mascara, lipgloss and concealer, with light green eye shadow.

"Guys we really need to go otherwise were gonna be so late!" Skye said panicking.

"Skye it's fine we have an hour still. The venue for the concert is 15 minutes away maximum. We will leave in ten minutes. okay?"

"Okayyyy" she moaned.

10 minutes later we were all in the hotel lobby, waiting for our taxi to arrive.

"Jessica to Austin Mahone concert venue?" a man asked whilst looking from Lucy, Skye and me to the other small group of girls.

"That's us" I announced as I walked over to him with Skye and Lucy in tow. We got in the taxi and the driver who I learnt was called Henry drove us to where Austin Mahone was playing.

"Thanks" Lucy said paying the driver and getting out the taxi.

"Guys let's go" Skye squeeled. "I wanna buy a poster for the vamps to sign when we meet them". We walked inside the arena and joined the shortest queue to wait for our tickets to be checked.

"I am soooo excited!" Skye said jumping around whilst making sure she didn't come out if the queue.

"Tickets" the man asked holding out his hand waiting.

"Erm we also have backstage passes!" I explained.

"Ahh these are to meet the support act called the vamps. Would you like to meet them before or after they perform?" he questioned.

"After?!" I asked in a questioning tone as the the girls slightly nodded beside me.

"Ok so just before The vamps sing their last song go to the backstage door, and there will be a security guard. Give him your backstage passes and he will let you in just before the boys comes off stage" he explained to us.

"Thank you for your help!" I said as we walked past him and went over to the stall selling vamps merchandise.

"Can I have a small poster of the vamps please" Skye asked the woman the other side of the stall.

"Of course here you go. would you like anything else?"

"Guys? do you want anything?" Skye asked.

"Another poster please" Lucy asked as the woman handed Lucy her poster.

"If you buy 2 posters, you get a set of 3 bracelets for free!" the woman added passing them to Skye.

"Thank you" we all said in unison as Skye and Lucy split the cost and payed.

"Okay who wants what wristband?" Skye asked.

"Can I have the beaded one please?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah what one do you want?" Skye asked me as she handed Lucy her wristband.

"Erm can I have the silicone one please?" I asked Skye as I knew she would want the leather one, and plus I did like the silicone one.

"Sure!" she answered handing me my bracelet and putting on her own.

"Now let's go" Lucy said as we walked over to our entrance and stood in our places as we didn't get seats.

"OMG the vamps are definitely gonna notice me if I am in the front row" Skye squeeled.

"Skye your meeting them later anyway" Lucy laughed as I giggled along to.

"OMGGG it's Tristan!!" Skye squeeled as Tristan ran on one side of the stage. Most of the arena also screamed making Tristan laughed and wink towards the crowds. He looked around the crowd as the jogged back off.

"Guys OMG he winked at me!!!" Skye screamed excitedly.

"I thought James was your favourite?" I asked confused.

"Yeah but I love all of them equally. Just if I got to marry any of them it would 100% no doubt be James" she explained laughing.

"Oh okay" I laughed too.

Then all four members walked onto the stage and took there places.

"Hey Toronto! Were the vamps" they all said in unison.

"We are gonna play a few of our songs and covers. I hope you enjoy them!" the unforgettable Birmingham accent boomed throught the microphone.

They sung:
somebody to you
Wild heart
Last night
trumpets (by Jason derulo)
Kiss you (by one direction)
Can we dance.

As can we dance came to an end we all left our places and headed over to the backstage doors. We did like the other acts but we decided we wouldn't mind missing them.

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