Chapter 2

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What looks like my other car, I know Behati was driving that car but she left awhile ago, I wonder if Jake dropped her off at her appointment, that's not uncommon and happens a lot. I text Behati "hey did Jake drop you off at your appointment" I knock on the door while I wait for her to reply... No answer at the door or her message, well I have a key it's only for emergencies but I mean I don't want to drive back and forth again so I will just use my key and leave his wallet.

I opened the door to my worst nightmare! right there in the living room, my childhood best friend and my fiancée are on the couch having sex. Jake is the first one to see me, I threw his wallet towards him an turned around and started to walk out as both of them are yelling at me to wait, stop and listen and of course the it's not what it looks like like.

It's exactly what it looks like my friend since kindergarten and my fiancée are having sex! I am so mad I don't even know what to do, I get back to our house...well my house now. I feel so alone, this stupid house is so big and so lonely I hate the feeling of being the only one here...I lost one of my longest friends and my fiancée all in one day. God I hate them both so much! I never thought this would happen, I might have a very long list of women in my past but I have only ever been faithful to her! Meanwhile she was being Unfaithful.

I know we have been arguing more then normal lately but I just thought it was wedding planning stuff that was making her mad at me, Wait why the hell was she mad with me when she was the one being unfaithful. So close to our wedding I was going to marry a lying cheater.

I can't handle being here alone anymore, I only have one person I can turn to...Blake. I know Miranda is on tour right now so Blake is probably sick of being home alone anyway, I wonder if he will come and stay with me for a bit? I need someone, I am so hurt and so alone.

I call Blake

"Hey Blake"

"Hey Adam buddy what's up?"

"Hey big country I was wondering something"

"What yah want Adam"

"Well i was wonderng is Miranda still on tour?"

"Yeah she is gone for a while still why?"

"Aren't you tired of being at your place alone?"

"It's not so bad, it's not so good either though" Blake said while laughing 

"Blake I am here alone and you know how I hate to be I was wondering if you will come stay for a bit?" Adam said in a sad tone.

"Hell yeah, so how long you alone there for?"

"Blake just come here and I will explain everything to you once you get here"

"Fair enough but do i need a few days of clothes or a few weeks?"

"Ummm you know I have these things called a washing machine and a dryer, so you don't have to pack a shit tone of clothes" Adam said with a light little laugh, Blake laughed to and then said

"Yeah but I always like to be prepared"

"Just get over here already"

"Ok Ok I will pack up and be there in awhile"

With that we both ended the call. I am so glad I will not be alone, someone will be here, well not just someone my best friend Blake, the only person I have left in my life that I can count on.

Well since Blake will be awhile I guess I know what i will have to do while I wait for him....

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