Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"Mum!" Rose called out as she saw her mother and Hugo on the crowded platform. "Come on Scorp!" Taking Rose's outstretched hand they pushed and shoved through the students and parents in their way.

"Rosie! How's school?" Hermione asked hugging her daughter tightly, and when she saw the young blonde boy standing shyly behind her she added, "And you must be young Scorpius?" Scorpius nodded and held out his hand which Hermione merely laughed kindly at and hugged him. "I'm not really a handshaking kind of woman. This is my son Hugo, by the way. He'll be joining the two of you at Hogwarts next year." After a few more minutes of small talk they walked back to the car park getting into Hermione's car and began to drive to the Weasley residence. Rose felt quite bad, she hadn't seen Albus since the day before and even then it was only in classes and occasionally at mealtimes that she spoke to him. Well that was one New Year's resolution already set.

They were back in no time and Ron came out of the house and began levitating the two trunks into the house for the two first years, while Scorpius carried Andra in her cage. "Hey Rosie!" Ron said once the trunks were put down and strangled her in a hug.

Giggling she pulled out of the hug, "Dad this is Scorpius."

"Nice to meet you Mr Weasley" Scorpius said, shaking hands with Ron who merely nodded in strained approval. So far he liked the blonde boy but as he was the spawn of a Malfoy he didn't exactly want to let people know. At least not yet. Not until he was absolutely sure.

Hermione began making lunch as Rose shown Scorpius her room, dragging their trunks and the owl up with them. Much to her fathers dislike the only space and spare bed in the house was in Rose's room. Hugo had his box room and he barely let anyone in anyone and Hermione had refused Ron's pleas to make the young boy sleep in the living room. "So that's Hugo's room, then the bathroom and next to that mum and dads room. And then obviously, my room" Rose said pointing to the different rooms as she lead her friend into her room.

The room was medium-sized, containing a bunk bed, wardrobe, desk, two multi-coloured beanbags and an almost full bookcase. Two of the walls were deep red, while the others were a rich cream colour, though it was difficult to see one of the walls because it was filled with childhood photographs of her and her family. One of her and her dad, her holding a newborn Hugo, a family photo including the whole Weasley/Potter/Lupin clan. The photos went on and on. "Wow, this is amazing Rose!" Scorpius said in awe, "My room would never be allowed to be like this."

"Really? Mum and dad said I could have it however I want. Hugo's room is like a bats cave" Rose laughed, "Anyway, your bunks the top one and you can just put your stuff anywhere."

"Lunch is ready!" Hermione called up the stairs and Rose and Scorpius raced down the stairs. "There you are, just sit at the table Ron and I will bring it through." Rose and Scorpius sat at one side of the table, Hugo sitting opposite. Hermione brought through sandwiches, sausage rolls, several small bowls of different flavoured crisps, carrot and cucumber sticks and pineapple for some reason, while Ron came in the room with pumpkin juice and butterbeer, along with 5 cups. "Mum, there's five of us not fifty," Rose giggled.

"I know but I wasn't sure what Scorpius here liked. Plus you know Hugo and your father! And you're half as bad!" Hermione retorted kindly as everyone dug in.

Once everyone had finished, Rose and Scorpius went back upstairs as Hermione yelled after them, "We're going to the Burrow in the morning so make sure you've both got everything ready tonight!"

"What's the Burrow?" Scorpius asked curiously as Rose shut her door.

"That's where my Grandma and Grandpa stay. It's a family thing. Every Christmas all the Weasleys, Potters and Teddy go to the Burrow to spend Christmas together. Then Uncle Harry and Ginny normally have a New Years Eve party at Potter Mansion. They're only ever there for parties, they prefer staying at Grimmauld Place." Rose replied, beginning to take things out of her trunk so that she could put what she'd need into it.

"You should've said. I don't want to interrupt a family gathering..." Scorpius said quietly.

"Oh Scorp, it's for guests too silly! It's mostly just family a lot of the time but that doesn't mean we're not allowed friends to come too," Rose said smiling at her friend. The pair spent the afternoon talking and clearing out and repacking their trunks, Scorpius reluctant to leave his stuff there because it wasn't his house but Rose was insistent.

"Rosie, do you have any spare parchment there? I must've left mine at Hogwarts" Scorpius asked once his trunk was packed.

"There should be some in the draw in my desk" Rose replied, still trying to finish packing.

"Thanks" Scorpius said and took some out, sitting at the desk with his quill and ink, and began writing a small letter to his dad.

Hi Dad

I hope you have a good Christmas. It's strange spending the holiday with someone other than you, Aunt Daphne and Aurora.

Attached is everyone's presents, I thought it was easier to send them all to you.

Please send Andra back to the Burrow, whether or not you send a letter back.


"There" Rose and Scorpius exclaimed at the same time making them laugh.

"Finished packing then?"

"Yup. I'm guessing you've finished your letter as well?"

"Yeah" Scorpius replied, letting Andra out of her cage while Rose opened the window. "Take this to Malfoy Manor please Andra." The owl flew away as soon as the letter was attached to her leg and the two friends watched her as she disappeared.

The next morning at 9am, everyone was crowded around the fireplace in the living room. "Okay, Hugo you go with your father and your trunk, then I'll take mine and Ron's trunk, and lastly, Rose and Scorpius with your trunks okay?" Hermione told the sleepy group brightly as Ron and Hugo stood in the fireplace, Ron grabbing some Floo powder, muttering and the two disappeared in green flames.

Then as said, Hermione went next pulling the trunks in with her, "The Burrow!" And she too vanished.

"Ready?" Rose asked as she and Scorpius stepped into the fireplace, their heaving trunk squishing in beside them.

"I guess so" Scorpius replied nervously. What if none of the family liked him?

"The Burrow!" Rose said loud and clear and the pair were swallowed by the flames surrounding them.

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