Chapter 2

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A/N: Here is the second chapter of 'Hey Noel!'. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!



“It’s today! The players are coming!”

Heidi, one of Ingrid’s best friends and co-workers, was literally bouncing on top of her. “Get up, girl! It’s almost six!” She commanded. “I can do that only if you move, girl,” Ingrid laughed, imitating her friend. Heidi groaned and jumped off the bed, smoothing her lavender dress.

Ingrid got out of bed, smiled at the poster of the German team that she had taped to her wall and went straight to her bathroom, where she brushed her teeth and took a thoroughly clean bath.

Ingrid then wore a white dress and slipped her feet into her cutest pair of shoes. She brushed her hair until it became completely devoid of any tangles and put a few clips here and there. A few sprays of perfume completed her look. There was not a dab of make-up on her face as she did not like it very much. “I prefer a simply clean face,” she had once told Elena, one of her other chums.

A moment later, Heidi re-entered her room. She was attired in a beautiful lavender dress that went down to her knees. Her hair was pinned up rather attractively and she wore ear-rings as well as a locket. Pink lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and rouge adorned her already pretty face, which made it look even lovelier than it already was. In short, Heidi looked stunning.

“Are you, by any chance, hoping to clinch one of those players?” Ingrid smirked.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” Heidi berated, but her lips had formed themselves into a smile. “By the way, you present the picture of comeliness quite well yourself.”

Ingrid shook her head. “Not as much as you,” she said. Heidi sighed, “If you’d only put on some make-up, boys would fall flat for you.” “Never,” Ingrid dismissed the notion with a wave of her hand. “Let’s go now. We have to get the children ready.”

The duo went into the dormitories to wake the sleeping kids up. The orphanage was rather big and had about five to six such rooms. Just as Ingrid expected, all of them sprang from the warmth of their blankets instantly and raced each other to get to the bathroom first.

Ingrid smiled affectionately as she watched them change their clothes after they had their baths, helping the little ones along with her colleagues. All of them flew through breakfast. There was a constant buzz of chatter among the children. Ingrid found herself staring off into space, her bacon quickly turning cold.

“So, who are we dreaming about?” Ingrid gasped. Her fork fell down onto her plate with a clang. Heidi was snickering mischievously. Ingrid immediately turned beet red. “No one,” she replied, attacking her bacon with enough force to take down an entire army.

“Oh, Ingrid’s in loooooooove....” Heidi teased. Ingrid nudged her friend in the ribs. She continued her breakfast, not saying another word. After their meal, the children were taken out to the hall.

“They’ll be here any minute now,” Heidi gushed, jumping from one foot to the other. Ingrid checked her watch and grinned. She could hardly wait.

At precisely half past eight, the sound of a car pulling up outside the building could be heard. The children got up and started jumping around with joy. The nurses all smiled to themselves. This was going to be a fun day.

“Oy, Muller! Get yourself out of the car!”

Thomas leaped out of the Mercedes that had gotten them all to Red Cross Orphanage and took a good look at the building. It was rather big and painted a pleasant shade of yellow. A beautiful and well-tended garden occupied most of the front-yard. Thomas could hear the voices of small children emanating from inside.

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