28. The departure

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Miranda p.o.v.

This was it. The day that BVB would go on the plane. The house was full of suitcases. Their to go with the plane. Mine to go back to my parents and to my holiday home. I have to miss them for 3 days. Bye boyfriend, bye kinda brothers. They will drop me off at my holiday home first before they leave. We all sat together in the bus. It was silent. I sat on Andy's lap and he was playing with my hair. I was playing with my fingers, just like Ashley did. Jake stare off into the nothing. CC walked around like a polar bear. And Jinxx was texting someone. Probably Sammi. '3 more minutes' the busdriver yelled. I sighed deeply. I didn't want to leave those guys for 3 days. I'm closer to them, than I am with my own family. Another deep sigh.

'We are here' the bus driver announced and we all stood up, not wanting to. And got out to get my bags. Jinxx and Jake got them for me and put them beside me. I warned my parents I was coming home. But I didn't want them to see us, so the bus driver parked a street away.

I sighed deeply again. Don't cry. It's only 3 days. Then you'll see them again. Again a sigh.

First Jinxx hugged me. 'Thanks for everything' I whispered. 'No problem' he said and I kissed his cheek.

Next was Jake. 'You still haven't done yojr rawr-face though' 'Now you're mentioning it' he chuckled.

Then it was CC's turn. He tackled me just like he did the first time. I giggled and he chuckled. 'Had to do that' and I giggled again.

When CC had helped me up, he hugged me once more and let go. Ashley hugged me next. 'Sorry for the flour fight' he said. 'Better with flour than with guns although it'd be pretty cool if you could shoot someone, but no one could die'  'true' 'Always' he chuckled and I kissed his cheek too. Just like I did with the rest. 'Thanks for everything' 'Everything for you m'lady' he said with a fake british accent. 'You should've got Danny's shirt.' 'Huh?' 'Secret British accent society?' He laughed and let me go.

'Last best right?' Andy chuckled and he hugged me tightly. I looked up to him and he softly placed his lips on mine.

After a while fake coughs came from everywhere and we broke. 'I'm gonna miss you' 'Me too. I love you.' I responded. He kissed me one last time and said 'I love you too' and we did a group hug. Then it was really time for me to leave. I grabbed my bags. 'You can always Skype, call, text or whatever' They nodded and I swung the bags on my back and waved. The last time I'm gonna see them in 3 days.

I walked very slowly. Like tons and tons were hanging on my feet. The houses passing very slowly. Even a snail would've gone faster. I just didn't want to go home.

I stood in front of the driveway to the house and my mom already came running out of it. 'OH I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!' 'No you didn't' I mumbled but she just attacked me with a hug. I wish it was Andy's. 'Come I'll help you' she said taking my biggest bag and walking me to the house. 'MIRANDA IS BACK!' My mom yelled through the house. My brother was like 'hi' and walked along. I wanted to walk up the stairs to get rid of my bags, but I noticed my dad sitting on the couch. His jaw totally bruised. I chuckled on the idea I did that, with my tiny hands and I don't regret it.

I placed the bags on my bed and sat down. Taking in the space I left about 2 days ago. And I have to survive in for 3 more days. I pulled out my phone and earphones and played some music. I walked down and walked straight to the outside. I'm avoiding my dad. He's being a bitch, so I can too. I sat down in the sun

Rethinking about all the things I've done in 2 days. How happy I've been in 2 days. I'm normally never that happy. The truth or dare. The playfield thing. The Harry Potter movie-a-thon. I sighed. But this time of happiness. I scrolled through all the pictures we've made. Funny ones with CC and Jake. A serious Jinxx and a trying to be serious me. Which obviously failed. Me and Ashley in the flour fight. And cute ones of me and Andy, hugging, kissing, piggy back, watching the stars. All the good memories came flooding back into my mind. Leaving  no space for the bad ones.

'We booked our flight those years ago.

I said I love you as I left you.

Regrets still haunt my hollow head.

But I promised you:' I will see you again.''

Those lyrics were literally blasted through my mind.  I knew the song by heart. I quietly sang along until the next one came on.

'MIRANDA TEA!' My mom yelled. I headed indoors and sat down on the couch. The one facing my father. I stared at him directly. Investigating his bruise. He clearly felt uncomfortable and tried to avoid to look at me.

I've clearly won this battle.

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