Alice's P.O.V

I looked up at Chris, begging him to stop and talk. Till he pulled my to the side of the building where no one would see.

He sat me down on the bench behind the main building before sitting down himself. And to be honest I was pretty scared about what he was going to say.

He took a deep breath before wiping my cheeks, and finally speaking. " A-Ally, do you remember when I asked you about how you'd like to be asked out?" he questioned, I nodded in reply.

He started to fiddle with the necklace he gave me when we were younger, before he continued. " There was a reason behind it, not because I li-" he stopped and looked up above my head.

I didn't turn around. I didn't want to know who was there. If it was a teacher or another student.

I opened my mouth to ask a question, but before I had the chance Chris had pulled me closer to him, and crashed his plush lips onto mine.

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