Chapter 22

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"Ay man what's up?" Jack said getting up from the sofa and I was so scared Sam was just standing there starring at me the whole time "yo man you okay sam?" Jack asked him again

"I wasn't talking to you bitch!" He turned to Jack "Sam what the fuck is your problem what did jack do to you?" I told him raising my voice "are you fucking with me Maya!" Sam put his hands on his head looking so upset "are you protecting your new boyfriend?" I rolled my eyes at him

"First he isn't my boyfriend-" I was interrupted by jack "yet.." He smirked I turned back at sam who became red and even more upset "and second that's none of your business" he just starred into me "can I talk to you in private?" He said private loud and clear enough for all of us to hear

I turned to jack who said "I'll go look for Johnson" and walked away "follow me" sam told me and I did as I was told until we were alone in a dark and quiet room I sat down in the bed and he followed "let's play a game" he said I felt goosebumps as soon as he landed his hand on my thigh I was feeling nervous "are you nervous?" He told me "n-o-no" I said

He moved his hand more up "are you nervous?" He whispered close to my ear "n-o" again he put his hand more up "are you nervous?" I looked up at his gorgeous hazel eyes "can I lie?" He smirked at me "yea-h" he leaned in close to me kissing my earlobe and jawline "yes" I said he smiled and pulled out his hand for me

I grabbed it and got up he pulled me closer to him and hold my waist closer to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck he smiled as he gently began kissing my lips and I began kissing him back our kiss felt amazing

It's just like our lips are meant to be it felt so good until, he stopped kissing me back. I was confused I opened my eyes and he was just smiling waiting for me to just keep on kissing his lips

So, I than began kissing his lips again hoping he would kiss me back now but he wouldn't so I gently bit his bottom lip and smiled throughout it and the kisses I was giving him he smiled back and thankfully began kissing me back I didn't want this to stop I want him right now so bad I need him

(A/N: I used the game part from another fanfiction that I really liked but forgot the name of the fanfic but credits to that fanfic I had a little inspiration from that fanfic so thank you😁💕)

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