Chapter 4

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I woke up to a text From Micah.

*Micah* - Hey gorgeous

*Genesis* - Goodmorning Micah

*Micah* - Got anything planned for today?

*Genesis* - Nah , why? Wanna meet up?

*Micah* - Okay , be ready at 7. I'll come pick you up?

*Genesis* - Sure. lol , My address is Smith rd. 1876

*Micah* - Alright ma , see you later. Gotta handle some business.

*Genesis* - bye.


It's 3:37 in the damn afternoon , I told my mom I was gonna take her to go grocery shopping for my sister Liana's birthday. I took my phone off the dresser and called her "Hello?" she said. "Uh , yeah I'm so sorry ma. I'm getting up right now. Be ready in 30 minutes. Love you." I said nervously. "Just go get ready , you cant do anything on time. Shit , wasn't even born on time. Bye." She said with an attitude.   I rolled my eyes got up and walked to the shower , I stripped , set the water to how I like it , got in and scrubbed my body with my body wash. I rinsed off and got my blue fluffy towel and wrapped it around me tightly adjusting to the cold air. I went and found my undergarments slid them on and lotioned up mt body. I walked into the closet and found some acid washed highwaisted shorts. I struggled to get them up to my belly button because of how big my booty was. I chuckled at myself. I got out my all white high top air forces and put them on. I went and found a red crop top that said "basic is boring." across it in white letters. I put in my belling ring , tongue ring , and nose ring. I checked my hair and my wand curls were still fresh and cute. My hair was LAID. I sprayed perfume all over my body kissed cookie and filled up her dog food bowl and was out. For today I decided go with my all black Rolls Royce. I put my Louie bag in the passenger seat , hooked my phone up to the radio and immediately turned up the radio. All the way. Since my song was on I rolled down my windows so the streets can here it too. I laughed , and bobbed my head to Migos-Dreams  I pulled up to mommas house and she came outside and got in the car and immediately turned it down amd turned to the station 93.1 . If yall didn't know this was the old people station. I hated it. "Mom this is my car , don't touch my radio thanks." I turned it back up. And she scoffed at the words used by quavo , my favorite. I laughed and turned it down. "Girl your still disrespectful like you've always been. Just ride in silence on the way to the store. Thanks." she said . She already ruined my day with this , she always had a smart remark about something. She would even say something about me and my daddy's eyes because they were hazel. She liked Ruining people's days I guess. I was tired of this. I stopped the car , and headed back to her house. "What are you doing?" She asked confused. Ignoring her comment I continued to drive down her street. "GENESIS BLAIRE FONTAINE ! What in the HELL are you doing ! ?" she yelled. "What does it look like ? I'm taking you back home. I do everything for you , I drive you around ! I put up with your attitude , and I pay all your bills and you treat me like this ! Im TIRED OF THIS MA !" I yelled , my face probably as red as ever. She stared at me with her mouth wide open. I calmed down because I didn't have time to deal with her today. "Please , just get out of my car. Tell Liana I'm sorry , and happy birthday but I can't do this." I said that so calm it shocked me that I became the bigger person. She rolled her eyes and got out. "I wish I never had you. You're selfish." I wasn't phased by what she said , because she always said things like this. I drove home to wait impatiently until 7 when Micah will come get me. I played with Cookie and she fell asleep on my lap as I watched video girl. I heard a knock on the door and went to see who it was. Obviously it was Micah and I BEEN ready. I've been waiting on this all day. I got my keys , laid Cookie down , grabbed my gucci purse and opened the door to Micah and I was shocked when he had the exact same car as me. We got in and I swear I almost slipped Right out the car , His leather seats were different but they were nice. We drove to Richmond Movie Theater and trust me it was packed. All the ghetto girls were giving me death stairs because I was with the finest and I mean the finest nigga here.  He was about 6 feet , light skin , tatted , perfect teeth , and curly hair.  Boy Micah was fine , no wonder they was looking at me funny. He paid for the tickets to Best Man Holiday and I was getting all into it. "You like the movie bae? Micah said. I blushed when he said bae but it was too dark to see it in here anyways. I just nodded. "Well what's it about?" he smirked. My mouth dropped , "What? So your telling me this WHOLE time you was in here you didn't watch this movie?" He shook his head. I laughed at how silly that sounded that he didn't watch this movie the whole time. "Why Micah?  I asked. He laughed ,"Because Genny I was trynna count your freckles and figure out your eye color." I blushed and let out an aw. "Aw , I have 27 freckles , and they're hazel. Sometimes they're green or grey , but mostly Hazel." I explained.  His hand landed on my thigh and It sent shivers up my spine. "Well everything about you is beautiful , like seriously you bad as hell." I smiled a big Koolaid smile "Thankyou micah , your hella cute. You make me nervous" I laughed. He didn't , "Why? Im not gone hurt you girl." We laughed loud forgetting we were in the movies. We kept talking not caring that we were in the movies. "What do you do for a living?" I got really nervous when he said that because I was a drug lord. "I um , im a uh , I own a shoe store , and a salon and some more things." "What about you? " I got suspicious because he lightway did the same thing as me. "I'm a um , Real estate agent. Yeah me and my dad own 5star hotels and stuff. I raised an eyebrow wondering why he was studdering.


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