~Mitch's P.O.V *short*~

I felt my eyes widen when I saw Sky lying unconscious on the ground. "J-Jerome what happened to him?" Jerome's eyes turned sad and he said "I don't know biggums. He just yelled at me and then when I got in here he passed out." I felt a pang of sympathy for him. We were all like brothers so when one is hurt, the others are hurt, and when one is sad the others are sad, etc. "We should take him to the hospital wing that we built the other day." Jerome nods. He gently picked Sky up and brought him to the wing. We laid him down and connected him to a heart monitor just to make sure he didn't die. "Biggums? Can you go get the thermometer? His forehead is hot as a stove." I nodded. I was searching around for the thermometer when I heard someone knock on the door. "I got it dood!" I shouted. I opened the door and poked my head out.

                                ~Ty's P.O.V~

My vision cleared eventually and I was in... the boy's bathroom?!?!? I hid in a stall until all of the kids were in their classes then darted out into the woods. My legs felt like they were on fire but I didn't stop until I saw a cabin. I walked up to it and knocked. I heard someone inside shout "I got it dood!" The door opened and a honey-brown haired head poked out. His eyes were a shocking blue and he wore a checkered hoodie, but that's all I could see. "Can I help you?" He asked. "Um, actually yes, I need somewhere to hide." He smiled. The door opened and I heared the chain lock opening. "Come on in." I stepped into there cabin and I jumped as I heard a voice shout, "Biggums, do you have the thermometer?" I was dumbstruck. Why would he need a thermometer? "Yes, I'll be right there! My name is BajanCanadian by the way, but you can call me Mitch." I held out my hand "Hi, I'm Ty, or Deadlox." He shook my hand then grabbed something that I presumed was the thermometer and beckoned for me to follow him. We entered a room that was made entirely out of iron blocks. On one of the beds unconsious was... the kid who saved me?!?!? I gasped and covered my mouth. Mitch turned to look at me afer giving the thermometer to the bacca. "What is it Ty?" I stuttered, trying to get words out. "H-h-he saved m-me from the s-s-school bully!!!" The bacca looked at me. "I'm Jerome or Fluffy, as Sky here likes to call me." i again held out my hand. "Ty, or Deadlox. What happened to him?" I asked pointing at Sky. Jerome just shrugged. "We don't know dood, he just came in yelled for me to come, then he passed out." I felt my eyes tearing up. I tried to wipe them away before Jerome or Mitch noticed. Too late. Mitch came over and gave me a comforting hug. I couldn't hold it in any more I started flat-out bawling into Mitch's hoodie. "It's ok Ty, what's the matter?" I struggled to talk through my sobs. "H-he got hurt t-trying to s-save me!!! I-i just f-feel so b-bad!!" A fresh wave of sadness washed over me. My sobs were interrupted by Sky's heart monitor going crazy. 

Ok, Merome smut in the next chapter, what base? The base system is explained in my second book, Sonic love story: http://www.wattpad.com/67306536-sonic-love-story 

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