Loves a Pain (chapter 52)

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-----Madi's POV-----

I catch Taylor watching me.

Its really bothering me now. Its like he doesnt trust me or something.

"Taylor I'm going out, see you later", I call as I grab my car keys, "Oh and Im taking my car so don't be angry at me when I get home".

"Where are you going"?

"Why do you have to know".

"Uh...I...Nevermind", he stutters awkwardly.

My phone rings and I quickly pick it up.


"Hey Madi, its Riley, don't worry about driving because I'm coming over to pick you up, be there in about 10 minutes, sorry for making you wait longer".

I put the keys back on the bench.

"Who was that"?

"Are you serious?! Why are you being so protective of me its actually so annoying, we arent even dating anymore"!

I walk off into the bathroom to curl my hair properly.

-------Taylor's POV------

I don't know whats got into me. I just don't want to lose her. But obviously I'm just driving her away.

The doorbell rings and I still hear Madi in the bathroom.

I would tell her but I want to see who it is.

I open the door and Riley is standing there with a bouquet of white roses.

"What are you doing here Knighta"? I motion him in.

"Here to pick up Madi, we are going out for dinner", he smiles shaking my hand.

"Mate you need to leave", I know I shouldn't but I cannot help it.

"What do you mean"?

"Mate she doesn't love you, I mean she's still getting over the engagement with me, sorry mate", I am seriously pushing the boundries.

"No, I am not leaving, she needs someone right now", he says obviously looking around for her.

"Mate, leave", I say between my teeth has I cuff his shirt and push him up against the wall.

"Taylor", a soft voice comes from behind me.

I drop Riley immediatly.


"We need to talk for a bit", she says bringing me to the kitchen.

"What was that about"?! She seems so quiet and calm.

"I...I don't know what came over me, I'm usually not like that".

"I know, I know you are an amazing guy, but Taylor, I really do need to just, I don't know." She holds my hand and looks down.

"I love you".

"Taylor, I love you too, but---".

"I understand", I kiss her hand and she hugs me.

"Riley, lets go".

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