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Jeff's POV

'Emily is going soon.' I thought as I was spacing out. 'I'm already good. She said...'

- Flashback -

"Emily, am I still not enough?" I asked.

Emily turned to me and gave me an reassuring smile. She then shook her head.

"Nope." She said emphasizing the 'p' "I have already completed my mission." She continued.

"Then why are you..." I stopped not knowing if I should continue. I then dropped my gaze to the ground

"Why am I still here?" Emily said tilting her head. I quickly looked at her then nodded slowly looking back at the ground.

"It's because God has given me time to spend with you." I looked at her deep in her eyes. She looks like she was going to say something. "Do you prefer that I leave?" She asked sadly.

I then lunge at her into a hug. I held her tight like she was going to leave right now.

"Of course not!" I shouted.

- End of flashback -

"Are you worried about the exams?" Someone said bringing me back to reality.

"Huh?" I replied. 'I'm not worried about the exam but you.'

"Don't worry! I tutored you well enough to pass with flying colors." She said while smiling. She then sit on her chair across me.

Emily's POV

'Oh Jeff...I am not that blind to see that you are actually worried about me. Do not worry my love. Your wish will come true. Your true heart's wish.'

The teacher then came in holding a bunch of papers. He set them down on the table.

"You have one hour to answer each subject. No cheating, talking and/or making eye contact." The teacher then distributed the paper.

3rd person's POV

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